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UHF Wireless Conference Solution

DW9866 series wireless conference system is a wireless conference system that uses FM frequency modulation to realize sound signal transmission. This system works in the UHF frequency band and supports full digital control, with first-in-first-out, last-in-first-out, speaking-only, chairman-only, and other speaking modes. The system adopts the self-developed data communication algorithm, supports wireless transmission for the audio channel and the control channel, with no need for cables, with wide signal coverage, high fidelity, high signal-to-noise ratio, low latency, etc., and supports up to 255 wireless microphones.
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UHF Wireless Conference Solution
  • UHF wireless microphone system

  • High SNR, low lantecy

  • Fast response speed, no limit for microphone

  • Multi conference mode: first in first out, speech control, chairman mode

  • With LCD screen to display electric status,channel frequency and signal director etc

  • Wireless transmission, wide signal cover range

  • Power supply DC12V/1A

Part of System Description

The control host adopts all-metal structure design and built-in enhanced antenna for wide coverage, and hierarchical menu design for simple and convenient operation. The conference unit has power display and voltage prompt, as well as channel and signal indication, with ultra-low power consumption, and is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, which can work up to 12 hours.

UHF Wireless Conference Solution
UHF Wireless Conference Solution

Illustration Legend (200㎡)

The whole system is mainly composed of the DW9866 conference system and a professional sound system. Among them, the professional sound system is mainly composed of speakers, power amplifiers, mixing consoles, microphones, sound source equipment, and other equipment, which can meet the needs of simple meetings, speeches, seminars, etc. 

The professional audio processing equipment (DMX12, D6573, and D6575) makes the live speech clear, without distortion or sound feedback howling, etc.

The conference system is composed of the wireless conference host DW9866 and conference units, as well as a professional sound system. When the participant speaks to the chairman conference unit DW63 or the delegate conference unit DW64, the audio is processed through the mixing console DMX12 and sent to the power amplifier MX1500II, and then amplified through the power amplifier and further sent to the speaker D6563 to realize local sound reinforcement. The system plan is used for demonstration, and 2 speakers D6563 can make the conference with sufficient on-site sound pressure margin, uniform sound field, and accurate sound image positioning, enabling the simplest and most economical audio conference system.

Suitable for 200㎡ large and medium-sized conference rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, and other places with requirements for sound reinforcement.

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