2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
Happy 35th anniversary


Wireless Mic For Meeting Room
Mr. Wang Heng
Chairman of DSPPA

High Quality, is always the core of our products.

Empower Efficient Conference, Embrace Win-win Cooperation. 

DSPPA Group has been promoting a full range of conference products of the DSPPA brand to global customers for many years. Up to now, we have covered audio and video conference system, conference sound reinforcement system, paperless conference system and so on, including technology-leading Dante low-latency conference system, immersive conference system and 5G WiFi audio conference system, with 1800+ patents and facilitating millions of projects.

In the PA field, with more than 50 national-level overseas distributors, DSPPA has made its marketing network cover the whole world. In the conference field, we are convinced that DSPPA conference can stand firm in the overseas market and provide global customers with more complete and professional audiovisual conference solutions and high-quality services.

Wireless Mic For Meeting Room
William Wong
General Manager of DSPPA Overseas Department
Conference Equipment Supplier

DSPPA has become the Official Supplier of Audio Equipment for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou.

Professional Public Address System

DSPPA has provided 4K visualized distributed integrated management platform, conference system, professional sound reinforcement system, and other supporting facilities for many venues related to the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

Public Address System Companies

The new national standard, The Technical Standard for Public Address System Engineering, with DSPPA as the chief editor, has been implemented from October 1st, 2021.

Conference Room Management System

DSPPA has donated the public address systems to Huoshenshan Hospital for COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control.

Digital Conference System

DSPPA has successfully built DSPPA Video History Museum, integrating history and culture with modern technology.

DSPPA was awarded ''Top 10 Innovative Enterprise Brands'' and ''Top 10 Audio and Video Brands''. 

Conference System Manufacturer

DSPPA has become the Official Support Partner of the 18th Asian Games Jakarta 2018 and the Exclusive Official Supplier of Public Address and Intelligent Conference System for the 18th Asian Games Jakarta 2018.

Audio Video Recording Devices

DSPPA was awarded ''National Quality Leader and Credit Grade AAA Enterprise in Audio and Video Industry'' and ''Guangdong Famous Trademark''.

Audio And Video Equipment

DSPPA was awarded ''the Most Valuable Brand'' in China Entertainment, China's Top 100 Enterprises in the smart building industry, and Class I enterprise of audio and video integration engineering.

Audio Visual Equipment

DSPPA was awarded ''Top 10 Innovative Brands'' and ''Leading Brand'' in the smart building industry. We have successfully built DSPPA Audio Museum, the first museum with the theme of audio industry.

Public Address Equipment

DSPPA undertook the public address project for Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014.

Conference Room Audio System

DSPPA was awarded ''Top 10 Conference Sound Reinforcement Brands'' and ''Excellent National Brand'' in the smart building industry.

Conference Sound System

DSPPA new generation of conference system successfully escorted the Asia-Europe Summit.

DSPPA was awarded ''Top 20 Enterprises in China Entertainment'', ''Top 10 PA and Conference Brands'' and ''Top 10 Excellent Brands of PA and Conference Systems''.

Audio Conference System

DSPPA was awarded the title of ''High-tech Enterprise'' and ''Top 10 National Brands'' in the audio and lighting industry.

Digital Media Matrix

DSPPA undertook the public address project for Shanghai Expo and 80% of stadiums.

The ''Intelligent Digital Media Matrix'' was approved to be included in the 2010 Science and Technology Innovation Project of the Ministry of Culture.

The Technical Code for Public Address System Engineering, with DSPPA as the chief editor, was formally approved as a national standard No. GB50526. It is the first national standard for public address and the first public address standard in the world.

Phased Array Speaker

The ''Phased Array Column Speaker'', a scientific research project with Guangzhou University, was approved as an ''Industry-University-Research'' scientific and technological achievement.

Public Audio System

DSPPA undertook 10 major public address projects for the Olympic Games Beijing 2008.

Public Address Microphone

DSPPA brand was named the ''Top 1 of the Most Competitive Brand of Public Address'' for three consecutive years.

Wireless Public Address System

DSPPA was invited to participate in the compilation of the national standard for public address, with Professor Zhong Gongliang, the chief researcher and chief engineer of DSPPA, as the leader of the preparation team.

Centralized Control System

The ''Network Centralized Control Platform for Sound and Lighting'' jointly developed by DSPPA was recognized by Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau as Guangzhou Science and Technology Achievement.

Public Address System Price

The largest science and technology park for public address in China - DSPPA Science and Technology Park with a construction area of nearly 100,000 square meters was put into use, and the first public address R&D center in China was established at the same time.

Public Address System

MAG5182, the first domestic network public address system based on DSPPA protocol with LAN as transmission medium, was unveiled at the Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, Germany, and was launched worldwide simultaneously.

PA System Manufacturers

DSPPA has passed CE, UL, RoSH and other international authoritative certification, successfully entered the international market, and has been successfully registered in more than 50 countries and regions.

PA Speaker Supplier

In the pursuit of continuous development, DSPPA has donated to and built a number of primary and secondary schools and actively participated in charity poverty alleviation actions and hope projects, which have been highly recognized by the government and society.

Public Address Equipment

The world's first embedded public address equipment with touch screens - MAG1189 public address media matrix was presented at PALM EXPO, attracting high attention from international counterparts.

Commercial Wireless PA System

DSPPA national engineering projects exceeded 100,000 cases, with the distribution network and after-sales service organizations covering the whole country.

PA Speaker System

DSPPA has became the core member or director unit of SCEE, CETA, IBB-CCIA, CFPA, CIE and other organizations, establishing DSPPA leading position in the public address industry.

PA Sound System

DSPPA developed the first intelligent public address system in China, MP98 Series PA System, which is still regarded as a model and used in various projects around the world.

PA Speaker

In order to meet the different needs of the market, DSPPA increased the research in the electro-acoustic field, and invest heavily in the establishment of pa speaker laboratory and production base, covering the whole field of public address.

Professional Sound System

We gradually strengthened the cooperation and technical exchange with the Audio Engineering Society of the Chinese Institute of Electronics and the professional field of Guangzhou University, as well as domestic universities and colleges, scientific research institutions, and expert teams.

Conference System China

Relying on technological advantages and scientific management, we quickly recovered the part of the Chinese market that was previously occupied by foreign brands.

Audio Video Conference System

With professional audio technology reserve, DSPPA became the first domestic manufacturer to introduce modern audio product manufacturing technology into the field of public address.

Conference System Supplier

DSPPA Group was founded in Guangzhou and became the first manufacturer of surround sound decoders in China.

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