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2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Intelligent Conference System Host D6201

  • The conference controller allows connection of a maximum number of 128 conference units and with the extension controller, the conference system allows connection of up to 4096 units.

  • Connection through 8-core aviation plugs in a series mode.

  • Limitation of number of spokesman at a same time (1/2/3/4/5/6).

  • Vote function, timed speech and other data management functions.

  • 4.3" TFT display/touch screen.

  • Users can adjust the system time and back light duration, in order to save energy. 

  • Messages on the system LCD screen may be in Chinese or English

  • Users can set a number of VIP speech units, which when the total number of activated units is less than the limit of 20 (20 in FREE mode and 10 in other modes), can be activated and if free of any limitation of conference mode. A maximum number of 30 VIP units are allowed.

  • The system supports five conference modes, namely FIFO, NORMAL, VOICE, FREE and APPLY.

  • The system has embedded a DSP, including low cut, frequency shifter and equalizer.

  • The system can realize recording of the entire conference and provides two recording modes, namely automatic recording and manual recording, and the user can choose the desired one.

  • The system provides unit inspection function, with which inspection to the conference units may be realized automatically or manually.

  • The conference systems also provides a camera tracking system and 4 BNC camera ports through which the system can realize automatic camera tracking function.

  • The system provides one RS232 serial port, with which the system can be connected to the central control system seamlessly, in addition, it also provides one RS422 serial port for connection of camera control circuit to realize centralized control on the 6 cameras.

  • The 8-core aviation socket: one is for connection of interpreter controller, anther for connection to extension controller and three for conference units.

  • Cannon socket: It is a secondary audio output port and is used to realize parallel output together with two secondary audio output RCA sockets (LINE OUT) and for connection to specialized amplifiers.

  • The system also provides a +5V trigger voltage warning input port, which, together with the warning audio input port, is used to realize warning breaking in function.

  • The system provides RJ45 ports under TCP/IP protocol, which is used for connection to the network where a PC application program will be used to control all functions of the system.

  • The equipment casing is made from metal materials and all the lines and casing are properly grounded, so the system has an anti-static of 10kV in case of physical contact and 15kV in case of air contact.

  • The system adopts high-grade appearance design, 2U standard chassis, and can be installed in a 19 inch standard cabinet.

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Wildly use, price effective, also easy to operate.

Meet the requirements of conference functions such as speech and discussion of participants in each conference room.

PC and mobile phone control function

PC and mobile phone control function

It supports TCP/IP protocol, and all functions of the system can be remotely controlled through the PC software and mobile phone software, realizing the efficiency of the system.

When the system host is connected via Ethernet to PC where remote control software is installed, it can realize remote conference control. 

Maximally 128 Conference Units

Maximally 128 Conference Units

Up to 128 conference units with extenders can be connected to a single host (up to 31 extenders can be connected to one system). Up to 4,096 conference units can be connected to the system, of which any number of chairman units with speech keys can be connected to the system, two of which can be designated as control units. Any unit on the host can be set as a VIP unit.

Intelligent Conference System Host
DSP technology and Hi-Fi circuit design

DSP technology and Hi-Fi circuit design

Based on ARM9 Embedded System Platform and adopts high performance DSP technologies and Hi-Fi circuit design, which integrates the advanced control technologies and audio processing technologies effectively, to realize a comprehensive solution with digital control, high-level audio transmission and visualized operation.

Built-in digital sound processor (DSP), which can set up multiple EQ modes and select the corresponding mode according to different conference situation. 

Attainable Functions

Attainable Functions

Digital long-distance transmission, signal stability, rich interface to meet the needs of various conference applications.

Specifications of Intelligent Conference System Host



LINE input voltage

250 (±30) mV

ALARM input voltage

250 (±30) mV

LINE output voltage

1 (±0.1) V

BALANCE output voltage

1 (±0.1) V

Frequency response



>80 dB

Harmonic distortion


Output power

≤110W/3-way, 24V

Max. power


Static power consumption


Quantity of maximum units

128 ps

Control interface

RJ45, RS232, RS422

Power source


Net Weight



484×385×88 mm


Index parameters

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