2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Application of Paperless Conference System in Enterprises

With the continuous development and progress of global information technology and the increasing demand for "low-carbon, environmental protection", China's conference mode has begun to evolve from "traditional paper-based conference" to "intelligent paperless conferences" in order to adapt to the high-speed development process of the information age.

Customer needs for paperless conference systems

According to the users' needs, a set of paperless conference system is designed for this meeting room. One LCD lift integrated machine is designed for each seat in the meeting room, with an embedded conference microphone and paperless software installed. At the same time, a paperless control host is also designed as the management and control center of the system. LCD nameplates are connected to the paperless control host through a wireless network to form a complete smart interactive paperless conference system.

The system is configured with a video encoder, which is used to connect the paperless conference system with external video devices to achieve mutual exchange of video signals.

The specific design of the meeting room is as follows:

  • One AD conference control host (paperless conference system management and control center);

  • Eight sets of intelligent interactive conference terminals (one set is designed for each seat, which is used for paperless conference display and conference operation, as well as processing various functions of paperless systems);

  • Eight sets of LCD lift integrated machines (one for each seat, used for high-definition display and touch screen operating system, as well as speech);

  • Eight sets of embedded conference microphones;

  • Distributed image interactive system (used for paperless conference video input/output);

  • One intelligent network expansion host;

  • One central controller;

  • One HD hybrid matrix;

  • One wireless router;

The project mainly installed LCD lift-integrated machines, paperless conference terminals, digital conference control hosts, digital codecs, data exchange centers, etc. Through these devices, the ordered control of the paperless intelligent conference system is achieved, which is convenient and quick.

Customer feedback on paperless conference systems

  • The whole system of name plate meeting is easy to operate with a simple and convenient interface. The touch screen can also be lifted and hidden to keep the desktop tidy.

  • Paperless conference system, intelligent and environmentally friendly, completely changes the traditional conference mode and is very easy to use.

  • The appearance of the display is beautiful, and the operation is convenient and fast.

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