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2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Daily Use And Maintenance Of Video Conferencing System

With the continuous development of video conferencing, online video conferencing has gradually replaced on-site office meetings. The main reason is that the 4k video distribution system is not limited by time and place, and can organize meetings anytime and anywhere. The operation is simple and fast, saving travel costs and significantly improving work efficiency. As the application of video conferencing becomes more and more widespread, maintenance work in daily use is particularly important. The quality of daily management and maintenance of equipment provided by the conference system manufacturer is directly related to whether the video conferencing equipment can maintain good working conditions and performance for a long time. In line with the principle of "prevention" over "cure", minimize equipment failure rate and reduce downtime The maintenance time is greatly improved, and the service life, working performance, and safety performance of the equipment are greatly improved.

1. Security Issues Of Video Conferencing System Equipment

The video conferencing equipment of the unit is usually placed in the designated meeting room, but some meeting rooms have a low utilization rate and are often empty. Therefore, it is best to designate a custodian to check the equipment regularly to ensure the integrity and safety of the equipment and equipment. sex.

2. Precautions For Daily Use Of The Video Conferencing System

Before the start of the online meeting or paperless conference, you should adjust the position of the lens in advance, set the preset position of the lens, and not place the lens in a place with a backlight. During the meeting, try not to walk back and forth in front of the camera, and don't often turn the camera on the remote control. In case of a sudden disconnection, do not use the remote control to call other venues immediately, but contact the operator of the main venue in time and wait for the operation of the main venue. The site that does not need to send dual streams should not connect the PC to the device. After each use, disconnect the power supply in time after shutdown. If the power supply is not disconnected, the device is in a powered state.

3. Precautions For Daily Maintenance Of The Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing equipment should be placed in a fixed location, and try to avoid moving and plugging, and unplugging cables. The system settings of the device have been adjusted and should not be changed casually. Avoid using far-end camera controls during meetings. It is strictly forbidden to plug or unplug any connecting wires with power on. It is strictly forbidden to clean and maintain the equipment with power on. Do not turn the lens by hand. Shaking and squeezing the device, especially the camera lens, is strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the device at will. Fireworks and exposure to the sun are strictly prohibited. The device is completely covered with the camera lens.

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