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DSPPA Conference Speaker in the EASE FOCUS Database

Published Date: 13 Jul, 2022

Audio Conference Device

Whats is EASE FOCUS?

EASE FOCUS software is loudspeaker field application design simulation software developed by the German AFGM company.

It can provide designers with an important basis for the position, lifting angle, height, quantity, environmental and climate influence of the loudspeaker in the sound field, which can be easily and quickly to design sound reinforcement solutions in the preset place that meets the audience's listening surface.

EASE FOCUS software is a two-dimensional acoustic simulation based on a file with the extension GLL. EASE is a three-dimensional simulation.

Audio Conference Line

Professional Recoginition

DSPPA Five Conference Speaker  in the  EASE FOCUS Loudspeaker  Database

Sample for Auditorium

Audio Conference Phone

Sample:  Four Views and 3D Simulation Diagram

The picture below is the EASE simulation model of the stadium project, from which you can clearly view the stadium size, mounting points and directions of speakers from all directions.

Audio Conference Speakerphone

Sound Field Analysis of Auditorium

Total Sound Pressure Level of the Stadium in Each Frequency Band  (Interior + Auditorium)

3D Diagram Demo

3D Simulation Diagram, where you can roughly check the speaker placement effect

Audio Conferencing Equipment

Audio Conferencing Hardware

Ease Software Designing Solution

Audio Conferencing Products

LA1420 Acoustic design on EASE software:

Table of total SPL for LA1420 array speaker in the 1000Hz central frequency band at 200m*200m sound field

Conference Audio System Equipment

Conference Call Audio

LA1420 EASE Certificate

Conference Call Audio Equipment

Conference Call Hardware

Application Place

The professional conference speakers are available and suitable for some places such as lecture halls,  indoor gymnasiums, banquet halls, larger-scale sports scenes, KTV, swimming pools and much more.

Conference Products

Conference Room Audio Equipment

Conference Room Hardware

Conference Video Call Equipment

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