2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

DSPPA | Decoding Beijing InfoComm China 2024: Insights Explored

Published Date: 22 Apr, 2024

Abstract: DSPPA advanced AV products captivated crowds, drew praise at the successful conclusion of Beijing InfoComm China 2024.

The much-anticipated Beijing InfoComm China 2024, a significant event in the professional audiovisual and technology industry, has ended with success.


DSPPA unveiled various stylish system products and solutions at the exhibition, attracting continuous waves of enthusiastic visitors until the event's successful conclusion.

Event Overview

Over the course of three days, from April 17 to 19, industry professionals, exhibitors, and visitors converged at the exhibition venue, sparking innovation and forging valuable connections.


DSPPA brought forth a variety of fashionable system products and solutions to InfoComm, involving visualized network PA system, network wireless zone explanation system, 

professional sound system, 4K remote video conference system, paperless conference system, integrated solutions for wireless cloud PA system, emergency command and control center, etc.

Featured Display

With an impressive booth showcasing innovative products and interactive demonstrations, DSPPA attracted a steady stream of visitors eager to learn about its latest offerings.


At EJ2-01, DSPPA featured a specially designed area for the “Overall Solution for Conference Room”.   It sported a sleek, transparent cabin design, embodying DSPPA's signature style and modernity.


Visitors were drawn in to experience more advanced, intelligent and ergonomic conference system products firsthand, including


D7613ZMC Series Paperless Desktop All-in-One Discussion Terminals

The D7613ZMC series terminals redefine conference engagement, seamlessly integrating speaking and voting functions for enhanced collaboration.


D5830 Professional Condenser Conference Microphone

The D5830 conference microphone, powered by 48V phantom power, ensures balanced output, low AC internal resistance, and strong anti-interference.

This year's InfoComm also unveiled the MAG6301 wireless zone explanation system, a groundbreaking innovation to redefine audio guidance in the network PA system.


It offers a wireless zone explanation experience with advanced wireless communication and high-fidelity audio transmission, delivering stable, clear audio to enhance understanding and engagement.


Interactive Networking

The DSPPA booth is always vibrant with energy and opportunity as visitors interact with professionals, gaining insights into the latest products and fostering connections for mutual growth.


Embracing Opportunity

Looking ahead, the future of our industry holds exciting possibilities. The connections made and insights gained at this exhibition will pave the way for fruitful collaborations.


DSPPA will continue to stay vigilant, embrace change, and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. Thanks again to all participants, organizers, and friends 

for their invaluable contributions.

Next year, let’s reconvene in Beijing!

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