2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Invite You to Booth 6A11 at Security China 2023

Published Date: 30 May, 2023

DSPPA would sincerely invite all attendees to our Booth 6A11 at the 16th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2023 on June 7-10, to see our latest audiovisual innovations.

Time: June 7th to 10th 

Venue: Booth 6A11, Beijing Shougang Convention and Exhibition Center

Address: No. 68, Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing

Registration: http://en.securitychina.com.cn/RreRegistration

Exhibition Booth

With our booth located at 6A11 in the Beijing Shougang Convention and Exhibition Center, we are excited to welcome visitors and demonstrate how our cutting-edge audiovisual technology can enhance public safety and security in a truly revolutionary way.


Security China 2023

The China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security (hereafter referred to as Security China 2023) is a major trade show that will showcase new products, technologies and solutions in the security industry, with the theme of “Innovation & Digitalization-Intelligence Empowering Security”. It is an excellent platform for professionals, industry experts, and decision-makers to network, share knowledge, and explore the latest innovations in public safety and security.


Product Highlight

You will be able to experience our latest audiovisual products and appreciate their incredible features at the upcoming exhibition.


Conference Units with Voting & Nameplate D7125Z D7126Z 

As the new terminal of the full digital conference series, the D7125Z D7126Z series integrates speech, voting and electronic nameplate function in one unit, with the internal magnetic high-fidelity speaker, and strong anti-interference ability.

D7101 IP Audio Conference System

The D7101 conference system combines discussion, speech, voting, meeting sign-in, teleconference, automatic camera tracking, and full recording. It also supports PC-based and Android tablet remote control.

HD8000 Remote Video Conference System

The remote video conference system is a more intuitive and informative image communication that will allow you to see the conference participant, jointly facing the problems to be discussed, and studying the drawings and objects.

Invitation to Security China 2023

The exhibition is a pretty good opportunity for you to learn more about the latest trends and developments in the public safety and security industry. Looking forward to your involvement in this splendid event with DSPPA!

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