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What Requirements Should be Met for the Installation of Conference System Equipment?

The following requirements should be met:

  • The conference system's fixed microphone should have cable protection and the fixed cable should reach a concealed wiring box on the ground or wall near the user. The longer part of the temporary cable must be fixed to the ground or wall with carpet or floor tape to prevent cable damage and obstruction of pedestrian traffic.

  • The wireless conference room microphone and speaker system should be installed at the top of the cabinet for enhanced reception. When the transmission distance of the wireless microphone is far, an external antenna outside of the machine should be added.

  • The installation of the dante power amplifier in the conference system should be consistent with the design and satisfy the requirements of the entire venue's coverage and sound field uniformity. The volume of the loudspeaker should spread evenly to the audience and achieve a consistent sound image and should be away from the microphone to avoid acoustic feedback. When installing a loudspeaker on a building component that may cause resonance, vibration reduction treatment must be performed.

  • The loudspeaker installation of the conference system must be safe and reliable. The installation height and installation angle should comply with the requirements of the sound field design, and the horizontal angle, downward angle, and upward angle should be easily adjustable within the design requirements.

  • When the loudspeaker of the conference system is installed in a visible way, a support structure or a hanger should be used to drill holes or spot weld on the building structure; the load-bearing capacity of the building structure, and the road pole, truss, wall, roof, and fasteners of the loudspeaker should have sufficient bearing capacity. Construction can only commence after the relevant department's consent has been obtained.

  • When the loudspeaker of the conference system is installed in a concealed way, the concealed space's size should be large enough (and treated with sound absorption), and its front should not come into contact with the decoration. The loudspeaker must be capable of adjusting the radiation angle. The loudspeaker grille should have good sound transmission and a perforation rate greater than 50%.

  • The professional stereo amplifier in the conference system should be far away from the microphone, and the axis direction should not be aligned with the microphone to avoid self-excited howling.

  • The loudspeaker of the conference system must adopt reliable safety measures and should not produce mechanical noise during operation.

  • For the connection cable between the power amplifier and loudspeaker in the conference system, a larger diameter speaker wire should be used, and for every additional 200W speaker, the wire must be increased by more than 1 m2 according to an 8m speaker. The impedance of the speaker wire should not be greater than 5% of the loudspeaker impedance. The maximum output current of the power amplifier used must be satisfied, and the power loss of the line should be less than 10% of the loudspeaker system's power.

  • When hanging loudspeaker boxes and horn speakers of the conference system, the original hanging installation should be used. When original parts are not available, a dedicated loudspeaker box hanging installation should be bought. For soft-hanging loudspeaker boxes and horn speakers, galvanized steel wire ropes or galvanized iron chains should be used as a hoisting material, and iron wires should not be used for lifting. The loudspeaker unit should be lifted about 100mm off the ground first, and the state of the stress point should be observed for at least 30 minutes before commencing construction if there are no anomalies.

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