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Features Of The Line Array Speaker System

In recent years, the line array loudspeaker system has been widely used in large-scale sound reinforcement places due to its unique advantages. The line array loudspeaker system is produced in response to market demand and is also a product of high technology, so it has attracted people's attention. The line array speaker system has the following characteristics:

1. Line Array Speaker Unit Boxes Are Arranged Regularly

The line array loudspeaker system is composed of a row of unit boxes, which are arranged according to certain rules, and can be arranged in a straight line or a "J" shape according to the needs of the sound field. The number of unit boxes is determined by the requirements of the sound reinforcement sound field, but must meet the basic requirements for forming a line array, that is, the length of the line array should be at least half the wavelength of the radiated sound wave. The radiation characteristics of each unit box have strict requirements. For example, radiated sound power, frequency characteristics, horizontal directivity, distortion, and linear phase must meet the requirements of the line array.

2. Line Array Speakers Have High Power And Long Projection Distance

For example, the low-frequency unit in the unit box of EAW KF761 has a power of 1200W and a sensitivity of 96dB; an intermediate frequency unit has a power of 500W and a sensitivity of 107dB; a high-frequency unit has a power of 150W and a sensitivity of 112dB. After the unit boxes form an array, due to the interaction between the unit boxes, the radiation impedance of the loudspeaker is improved and the radiation efficiency is improved. Therefore, it is easy to use a system of professional line array speakers as a sound source to obtain a sound pressure level of more than 100dB at a distance of 100m.

3. The Sound Field Covered By The Line Array Speaker Is Relatively Uniform

The vertical directivity of the digitally steerable line array is very sharp, generally around 10°, and the narrowest can reach 3°. The radiated sound beam is narrow, the direct sound reaching the corresponding audience area is relatively strong, the radiation distance is relatively long, and the change of sound pressure level in a large area is relatively small. Due to the side lobe control of the line array, the overlapping area of the radiation sound field is relatively small, and the interference surface is small. The area where the direct sound is dominant, has a good sense of hearing, clear sound, and high resolution.

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