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Several Compositional Modes of Digital Conference System, Making the Conference Room More Concise and Clear

Published Date: 27 May, 2023

Digital conference system generally consists of a network subsystem, projection display subsystem, audio subsystem, monitoring subsystem, conference speaking subsystem, lighting effect subsystem, and central control subsystem.

For decades, a conference has been held with one microphone and two loudspeakers. However, in human communication, the expression of a single voice is far from meeting the requirements of modern conferences. Modern conferences require concise and clear expression of one's ideas, vivid and clear presentation of one's products, and easy control of the changing on-site environment. Therefore, the idea of the hardware organization of conferences coming from our conference system supplier is transitioning from traditional analog conference mode to digital conference mode, and together with large screen display system and multimedia sound amplification system, it forms the so-called "third-generation conference system".

Composition of digital conference system

The digital conference system is a conference system that integrates computer, communication, control, multimedia, image, audio and other technologies into one through intelligent conference equipment. Generally speaking, the digital conference system consists of several independent systems:

  • Speaking system

It is composed of professional speaking units and speaking control system, which can realize the basic functions of conference speaking and control. Compared with common microphones and omnidirectional microphones, the digital amplifier with dsp can control all speaking units on the conference site through digital means. It can not only turn on specified speaking units, but also turn off units that are speaking, so as to achieve good control of the order of the entire conference site.

  • Audio system

It includes conference speakers, amplifiers, timing devices and other equipment, and can be said to be another important part of the digital conference system. The intelligent audio system needs to conduct special testing on the conference room, and then select suitable audio equipment according to its characteristics. However, nowadays, general audio equipment has conference howling suppression and echo control functions. Even if it is not a very professional conference hall, it can obtain good audio effect without special testing.

  • Multimedia system

That is, the image display system of the conference room. The traditional multimedia conference system generally consists of a projector and projection screen. The current image display generally consists of LCD TVs, projection systems or even LCD monitors. If the requirements for the image system are not high, traditional projectors and projection screens can be used. If each attendee requires precise image display, choosing LCD monitors will achieve better results. Specific products can be selected according to users' different needs.

  • Voting system

It is established to realize the voting and decision-making functions of the conference. The current voting system is generally divided into two types: independent and integrated. Independent voting system generally consists of terminal and control host, which is suitable for large-scale attendees who need to exercise their voting rights but do not need to speak, just like China's general talent shows. The integrated one integrates the voting system with the speaking system, which is generally applied to various large-scale discussion meetings.

  • Digital meeting discussion

It adopts hardware connection by hand, and can choose representative units with different functional modules to achieve various functions such as voting, microphone management, and simultaneous translation. Moreover, due to its hand-connected way, the number of microphones can be freely changed and upgraded conveniently. Digital conference is now the standard hardware composition of conferences.

  • Analog discussion conference

Analog conferences are a traditional form of conference organization, with multiple microphones arranged in a straight line and simultaneously connected to the on-site audio equipment, and attendees obtaining information through audio equipment.

  • Simultaneous interpretation conference system

Composition: conference central controller, chairman machine, representative machine, interpreter machine, infrared language transmission part and other related equipment.

Function: it supports the simultaneous translation function of multiple languages, including one mother tongue and several foreign languages. It is compatible with interpreter units and has multiple functions, high sound quality, and reliable and confidential data transmission.

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