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Digital Conference System: Creating an Efficient and Convenient Conference Room

Published Date: 01 Jun, 2023

With the advancement of technology, digital conference systems with advantages such as easy setup, easy maintenance, and powerful functionality have gradually become the mainstream conference system structure.

Composition of digital conference system

The digital conference system uses advanced circuit design, high-speed CPU program editing and control. It is an economical conference system with an intelligent digital embedded system. The digital conference system consists of a conference host (also known as a central processor), a chairman unit, a delegate unit, and branch connection lines; it uses serial connection, with simple wiring and mutual control function; it is the ideal choice for conference rooms.

Functions of digital conference system

Four major functional modes:

The host has four major functional modes, suitable for all conference occasions.

  • First-in, first-out: After reaching the limited number, the units opened later will overwrite the units opened earlier.

  • Chairman mode: Only the chairman unit has the right to speak, and the delegate unit is limited.

  • Restriction mode: It can limit the number of speakers.

  • Open mode: Full-open mode, all units are not restricted.

LCD liquid crystal display screen

This host system uses an LCD liquid crystal display screen, with a simple and convenient menu operation, more user-friendly.

Capacitive microphone

The capacitive microphone has high sensitivity, clear and bright sound quality, far pickup distance, and super anti-interference and noise suppression functions.

Flexible adjustable microphone tube

The microphone tube of this conference system is made of a plastic metal gooseneck flex tube, which can be adjusted arbitrarily by 360 degrees and bent freely to change the microphone core pickup angle to obtain the best voice effect, which is flexible and convenient.

Practical function:

  • The LED display screen can display the microphone status, operation mode, host working status, and number of speakers.

  • Two speaking modes can be selected, you can choose 1-6 (optional), N (full open).

  • The newly developed high-voltage and low-current power supply system reduces the line current to a minimum and minimizes the influence of too long connection cables. One cable can connect more conference units, making engineering installation simple.

  • It adopts a non-slip aviation cable hand-in-hand connection method, which is simple, reliable and stable, and can reduce the required engineering and cost of the entire system installation.

  • It supports live plug-in circuit design to prevent electric shock from unplugging and plugging during engineering installation and commissioning, and more effectively protects equipment safety.

  • The self-check function at startup, all button indicator lights flash around once, and the host displays prompts when the connection status is abnormal.

  • The power-off intelligent memory function can remember the original running state of the program. If the power is accidentally cut off, it will resume the last settings when powered on again.

Flexible expansion:

  • The host can connect at least 60 conference microphone units, with four parallel outputs, and each output can connect up to 25 units. The power extension or data extension can be increased indefinitely.

  • It has a built-in telephone coupler input and output ports, which can be used to hold remote telephone conferences.

  • The RS232 port can be used to connect to a PC for synchronous linkage operation with encryption software to achieve computer management system functions; it can also be connected to a central control to make the conference equipment intelligent.

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