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Three Points to Consider for Conference Systems

Published Date: 15 Jun, 2023

With more meetings, there is naturally a greater demand for conference systems, leading to the emergence of many meeting equipment manufacturers. Earlier conference systems were simple, with just a microphone and a projector being enough to hold a meeting, and manufacturers only had to focus on making these two elements good. However, now, efficiency and collaboration have become the focus of customers, which is not easy to achieve, as it involves a range of factors such as hardware, software, AV, IT, communication, networking, aesthetics, user habits, etc., going beyond the scope of just a microphone and projector.

There are many models of conference systems, which can improve efficiency and collaboration levels, but is it really the case? 

Yes, it is true! Any qualified conference system can achieve the above results, but to what extent and whether it meets customer expectations or needs is uncertain. So, what kind of conference system is in line with the current development trend and suitable for user requirements? Our conference system supplier has found the following three points.

Fool-proof starting of the conference system

What do we usually do before holding a meeting? That's right; we have to debug a series of equipment, such as connecting cables, turning on the power, turning on the projector or display screen, lowering the projection screen, adjusting the microphone, turning on the lights, starting the air conditioning, etc. These tedious preparations are indispensable, and any problem in any link can affect the normal progress of the meeting. Therefore, many companies or medium to large-sized meetings need special personnel to spend time on pre-preparations, which wastes time and manpower, and the efficiency is not high.

Application of the conference system

Is there a quick and efficient way to solve this problem?

To make life easier, smart home equipment manufacturers provide users with tablet touch screens. Users only need to hold the tablet to easily control all kinds of devices at home, such as turning lights on and off, opening and closing curtains, adjusting the TV and air conditioning, etc. Transferring this technology to meetings, using touch screens to control various devices in the meeting room, has proven to be useful and gained recognition from users.

This audio video conference system method is currently widely used in various types of medium to high-level meeting rooms in all industries, effectively saving customers' time and improving meeting efficiency.

Do you think this method is already perfect? It is indeed good, but there is a better method now, where the touch screen is not needed, and only an on-site connection can trigger it.

Meeting-style collaboration of the conference system

In modern business meetings, the sharing and discussion of attendees' presentation and opinions are an important part of the meeting, but there are always problems during the meeting. As the vast majority of meeting display devices are projectors or display screens, the meeting presentation or discussion content needs to be copied to the main control device before the meeting.

If it is not copied, it needs to be unplugged and reconnected, which can easily lead to problems. Also, the presentation content can only be viewed but not participated in, wasting both manpower and time.

To solve this problem for customers, the concept of "meeting collaboration" has emerged. Around the concept of "collaboration," there are various forms of products and systems in meeting applications.

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