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How to Eliminate Noise Such as Electrical Current or Explosion Sound from the Audio System?

Published Date: 09 May, 2023

In industries related to sound, such as audio or microphone devices, it is most difficult to deal with the issues of electrical noise or bursting sound from devices that output sound. There are many types of noises in pro audio sound systems, and different equipment causes different noises. Some are electrical noises, some are squeaking noises, and some are bursting noises. The reasons are different, and so are the noises produced.

Sound card driver problems causing noise in pro audio sound systems

This phenomenon is relatively common but not typical. It may only occur under certain special circumstances. If all kinds of attempts have been made without success, it may be caused by a problem with the sound card driver. Try reinstalling the sound card driver, and the fault may disappear. If the computer's drivers are not updated, there may be no sound or noise. Download a driver wizard to update the computer's drivers. If the problem still persists, it is necessary to check if the computer's sound card is damaged.

Distortion in pro audio sound systems due to amplification

When the volume is turned up too high, noise may also occur. In this case, it may be because the output power of the amplifier is too low to avoid the large dynamic peak signal that occurs instantaneously in the music, or because the speaker is overloaded, causing distortion. Adjust the amplifier's load or avoid playing music at maximum volume to solve this problem.

A "burst" sound in pro audio sound systems when turning the sound on or off

IP broadcasting systems are now widely used in public places such as schools, buildings, and amusement parks. In this situation, when the broadcast host sends a command to the terminal decoder, a "bursting" sound may occur when the sound is turned on, which seriously affects the customer's use. There are two possible causes for this burst sound. One is a software problem, when the sound needs to be transmitted to open the underlying sound card driver and sound channel. When the sound output, the sound card driver and sound channel are opened at the same time, resulting in the burst sound. Another reason is that when the amplifier is outputting sound, the current fills the components on the amplifier circuit board at the moment. For software issues, delaying processing is needed to open the sound channel first.

Noise caused by mismatched music file formats in pro audio sound systems

Nowadays, users generally download music from the Internet to their computers for playback, but the quality and format of online music are uneven. There are lossy and lossless formats, MP3 and WAV formats, and even single and dual-channel MP3 formats. The software may not support the existing music format, resulting in stuttering, segment dropping, noise and other phenomena. It is recommended to download a format conversion tool to convert the music to a unified format or download legitimate music. In addition, electromagnetic interference can also cause noise in pro audio sound systems.

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