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Introduction to Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System

Published Date: 21 Dec, 2021

Simultaneous interpretation equipment is a piece of simple and practical equipment specially designed and manufactured for simultaneous interpretation of international conferences. It can be applied in the lecture hall sound system or the conference room speaker system. According to the transmission principle of the equipment, it can be divided into wired and wireless, frequency modulation (fixed frequency) type, and infrared type according to the characteristics. The infrared simultaneous interpretation equipment is a relatively popular equipment at present, the signal is transmitted through infrared, the effect is stable, and the confidentiality is strong.

1. What Is An Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System

Infrared simultaneous interpretation equipment is composed of a simultaneous interpretation host, infrared transmitter host, interpreter machine, translation booth, receiver, and earphone (representing the receiving unit). The external simultaneous interpretation main control unit is the core control device of the system, which is used to realize the system setting, connection, control, information processing, and other functions. The number of interpreter machines and translation booths will be determined according to the number of conference languages. The receiver and earphone (representing the receiving unit) are determined according to the number of participants.

2. Infrared Transmission Principle Of Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System

Infrared transmission uses the infrared spectrum as the carrier to transmit multiple translation languages, which is the most commonly used transmission method in wireless language distribution systems on the market. However, in order to achieve a simultaneous output of multiple sound sources and prevent noise, it does not directly use sound for transmission, but first modulates the sound source into different frequencies, and then transmits the frequency-modulated signal through infrared light. This step is the conversion of "electricity" (frequency modulation signal) to "light" (infrared light). The infrared light is transmitted to each representative receiving unit. At this time, the "light" (infrared light) - "electricity" (frequency modulation signal) must be restored. Finally, the FM signal is demodulated, the principle of which is the same as that of an ordinary FM radio, and different voices are demodulated in different FM signals. The main principles involved are the generation of infrared light, FM modulation of sound, modulation of infrared light, radiation of infrared signal, detection and conversion of infrared light, sound demodulation, sound companding, amplification processing, etc.

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