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Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System for International Conference Center

2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
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With the coming of network information era, each meeting has higher requirements for the equipment to be used, and the formats and participants of the meeting are becoming more complex and diverse. Today, with the frequent development of international conferences, infrared simultaneous interpretation system can better meet the needs of multilingual conferences, and achieve the purpose of quick and convenient exchanges and discussions among conference participants from different countries or ethnic groups, thus gaining people’s favor, and becoming an indispensable equipment for modern meetings. The International Conference Center with DSPPA digital interpretation system is a large-scale comprehensive conference center integrating international conferences, exhibitions, hotels, banquets, and performances, and a facility or building for professional reception of conference teams, with complete exhibition facilities and strong conference functions.

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Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System for International Conference Center
Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System for International Conference Center

Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System Attainable Functions

1. Sound reinforcement system: In terms of sound reinforcement, it focuses on the clarity of speech sound reinforcement, sound transmission gain, sound pressure level, uniformity of the sound field, and sound quality of music playback. In addition, professional audio processing equipment makes the language clear on site, no distortion or feedback howling.

2. Conference speaking and discussion function: The conference room systems are composed of the conference chairman unit, conference delegate unit, interpreter unit, and conference host unit in a hand-in-hand manner to realize conference discussion, conference voting, simultaneous interpretation, camera tracking and other functions.

3. Video signal processing function: Adopt 120" main projection screen, and 6500 lumens brightness engineering projector; 2 cameras D6283II display system, to achieve the coordination, processing, and switching of input and output signals, and free switching and combination of the input signals for a very flexible signal central processing function.

4. Automatic switching on-site language function: When the on-site speaking and the interpreter are in the same language, the interpreter control host can automatically switch the channel occupied by the interpreter to the on-site language.

5. Simultaneous interpretation: During an international conference, when a speaker's voice is output to the DSPPA simultaneous interpretation equipment for sale, the interpreter transmits the interpretation of the speech of the personnel through the infrared radiation panel to the receiving unit of the conference personnel through the translation unit. It supports simultaneous interpretation, direct interpretation and indirect interpretation in 15+1 languages. Also, it can be customized with simultaneous interpretation in 3+1/7+1/11+1 languages as needed to meet the application environment needs of interpreters for simultaneous interpretation in multilingual exchanges at international conferences.

6. High confidentiality: Adopt all-digital DQPSK modulation technology with high confidentiality.

7. Interpretation channel locking function: In order to prevent different interpretation languages from occupying the same channel, the system is equipped with a channel occupancy indicator, ensuring the interpretation exchanges are carried out in real time and orderly.

8. Anti-howling and speaking speed reminder function: The interpretation desk has anti-howling and speaking speed reminder (SLOW) functions.

9. Speaking timing function: The administrator/secretary sets the display screen of a certain unit to display the speaking time (the working hour of the microphone can be used for timing charges).

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Digital conference and simultaneous interpretation system are the main configurations:

Audio system: a conference system consisting of a conference host, a speaking device with voting and discussion functions, a simultaneous interpretation system host, an infrared radiation panel, an intepretation desk, a receiving unit and a high-quality sound reinforcement system.

Video system: 8-channel host D6108, 2 HDMI input cards, 2 HDMI output cards, combined with tracking camera D6283II, HDMI matrix to form a central signal management system for the signal processing part to achieve powerful signal switching, scheduling and other tasks.

Peripheral equipment: equipped with 12-channel mixer for audio access in the meeting room, and a set of dual handheld wireless microphones and DVD player for speaking and audio and video playback in the conference room, as well as audio processor, feedback suppressor, power sequencer and other common peripheral equipment in meeting room.

System Connection Diagram:


DSPPA digital simultaneous interpretation system consists of simultaneous interpretation host, infrared radiation panel, interpretation desk, receiving unit, etc. It adopts wireless RF or IR sound transmission technology (DSPPA ir interpretation system). When there are interpreters at your meeting, you don’t need to spend double time due to intermittent translation (speaking one sentence, interpreting one sentence). The application of the digital simultaneous interpretation system allows the speaker and the interpreter to start and finish the lecture almost at the same time. The corresponding audiences listen to the language they are familiar with, thereby saving meeting time and improving work efficiency. Simultaneous interpretation system is also called “wireless simultaneous interpretation system, or simultaneous interpretation system”.

The advantages are as follows:

1. Adopt wireless radio frequency technology and advanced infrared technology to reduce the occurrence of application dead ends.

2. Adopt digital audio compression coding all-digital DQPSK modulation technology, and support simultaneous transmission up to 15 channels of interpretation voice and 1 channel of original voice.

3. With good transmission sound quality, high confidentiality, high stability, and strong anti-interference ability.

4. With good compatibility and expandability; the host has four options of 4/8/12/16 channels, with strong flexibility.

5. Easy to use and manage, with good sound quality as CD-like sound effects.

6. With auto switching on-site language and interpretation channel locking functions.

7. Support anti-howling and speaking speed reminder, as well as speaking timing function.

8. Adopt the portable transmitter to realize the mobile simultaneous interpretation system, which can be moved and used in the meeting place.


Schematic diagram of simultaneous interpretation system


Comparison of digital simultaneous interpretation system and traditional analog simultaneous interpretation system:

Digital Simultaneous Interpretation System

Traditional Analog Simultaneous Interpretation System

The interpretation host has 4/8/12/16 multiple channel types.


The interpretation host has only 12 channels.

The interpretation host and the infrared host are combined into one host, which reduces the number of devices but still has complete functions.

The interpretation host and the infrared host need to work at the same time,

and there are many devices.

The system adopts all-digital audio compression and modulation technology for transmission.

The system uses traditional analog audio signal and infrared transmission.

There can be up to 16 interpretation units in the system, and they can be connected hand in hand.

There can be up to 12 interpretation units in the system, and each device must be connected to the interpretation host, which is cumbersome.

The interpretation unit has a built-in high-fidelity speaker, with good transmission sound quality and CD-like sound effects.

The interpretation unit has a built-in internal magnetic speaker,

With normal sound quality.

The host can be equipped with up to 16 infrared radiation panels for a large coverage area, which is applicable to large conference venues.

The host can have up to 8 infrared radiation panels with limited coverage.

With simple system wiring, it can change the meeting room at any time.

With more wires, complicated wiring and limited mobility.

Application Effects:


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