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2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Desktop IP Conference System Discussion Voting Chairman Microphone with Nameplate D7125Z

  • A conference speech mic integrating speaking, voting, and electronic table card.

  • Come with a 2m dedicated high-density cable and 1 RJ45 universal network plug.

  • Electric cardioid directional capacitive pickup with two-color indicator light (red/green), red for speaking, and green for applying for speaking.

  • The standard microphone rod is an aluminum alloy one-piece square microphone rod, 186mm in length. Other options: gooseneck microphone rod, oval microphone rod, square microphone rod with analog backup, square microphone rod with dual mics, and square microphone rod with dual mics and analog backup. See “Chapter 5 Accessories” below for details.

  • The microphone rod can be dismounted during the adjournment for maintenance and storage.

  • With an internal magnetic high-fidelity speaker, it will be automatically muted when the microphone is turned on to avoid howling.

  • With a 3.5mm stereo headset jack connected to the headphone, with adjustable volume.

  • With super strong anti-interference ability.

  • With the MIC button and 5 voting buttons, and the chairman priority button for the chairman mic.

  • With a button check-in function.

  • With a unique ID number for each conference mic.

  • The 4.0" RGB color LCD screen is used for electronic nameplate display, and the electronic nameplate editing is processed and issued by the PC background.

  • With a high-brightness 2.9" LCD screen, it can display the following information in real-time when the mic is working:

  • The ID number of the conference mic, the number of mics applying for speaking, the voting results, the number of attendants who have checked in, and various operation information, etc.;

  • The mic information is in simplified Chinese or English.

  • Equipped with a camera, it can realize automatic tracking after setting by the digital conference system host or PC control software.

  • Equipped with the control host, the mic has a self-test function. The items to be tested include buttons, MIC, LED indicator, LCD screen, and built-in speaker.

  • The mic is a passive device, powered by the system host or PoE switch, with an input voltage of +48V.

  • When the microphone is turned on, the speaker of this mic is automatically turned off to prevent the sound from returning.

  • When the microphone is turned on, there is a beep sound, which can be set to ON or OFF.

  • Through the host settings, the chairman mic has the priority function (can mute or turn off all delegate mics), and the podium mode (the chairman mic is always on).

  • The chairman mic has permission to approve the application for speaking from the delegate mic.

  • The chairman mic can be turned on freely without being restricted by the number of speaking mics.

  • The chairman mic has the priority function of fully controlling the conference order.

  • The connection position of the chairman mic is not restricted.

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Specifications of Desktop IP Conference System Discussion Voting Chairman Microphone with Nameplate



The structure type


Effective frequency range of gain limitation (±3dB)

Unit A to Unit B.


Host to unit line


Unit to host line output


Speaker power


Static power consumption


Maximum power consumption:


Signal-to-noise ratio


Harmonic distortion


Headphone output

9dBu, 8-32 Ω, 3.5mm


The host +48V power supply or +48V PoE switch

Unit interface

Network interface

Microphone transmitter type

Elector cardiac capacitive type



input resistance


Equivalent noise


Maximum sound pressure level


Package Dimensions

515×280×124mm (2pcs)

Machine Dimensions (W × D × H)


Gross Weight


Net Weight

0.65 kg

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