2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Professional Sound Reinforcement System for Yibin Airport Auditorium

Yibin, China

Project Background

Yibin Wuliangye Airport was officially opened in December 5, 2019. It’s follow-up project of airport auditorium is now in need of a professional sound reinforcement system.

Solution Design

To meet its demand of sound reinforcement, DSPPA has designed a professional sound reinforcement system for the auditorium. This system mainly consists of Central Control System, 2k HD Matrix System and Professional Audio System, etc.

Professional Sound Reinforcement System for Yibin Airport Auditorium




Product Highlights

D6401 Central Control System


1.The latest 32-bit embedded processor with speed at 533MHZ; 

2.Highly integrated co-processor chip with LAY OUT for stable operation; 

3.Built-in 8MB memory and 16MB of large-capacity FLASH memory in the host; 

4.Programmable control platform with interactive control structure; 

5.3 programmable two-way serial port with DB9 / M interface; 

6.With a two-way user program download serial port and DB 9 / F interface; 

7.1 NET network port; 

8.8 independent programmable IR transmitter; 

9.4 digital IO input and output control port with protection circuit; 

10.With infrared learning function; 

11.Support cable / wireless touch screen; 

2K HD Seamless Mixer Matrix

  • Support 16-channel signal inputs and outputs;

  • For audio and video signal switching

  • Compatible Signal cards: HDMl, DVI, VGA, SDI, AV 

  • Providing independent video signal and audio input and output terminals

  • Support power-off protection, power-off memory, audio and video synchronization 

  • With RS232 communication interface and TCP/IP (optional function) control

  • Low power consumption, continuous running for 7*24 hours

Audio System

  • Mainly composed of speakers, power amplifiers, mixers, microphones, sound sources.

  • Mixer and audio processor can keep on-site sound clear, distortion free, whistling free;

  • Sufficient sound pressure;

  • Evenly distributed sound field

  • Consistency between sound and image 

System Connection Diagram


This sound reinforcement system helps to achieve the function of performance, meeting, lecture for the auditorium, gaining highly acclaim.

2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
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