2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Digital Conference System for Ningbo University

Zhejiang, China

Project Background

Ningbo University (NBU) is a key university of Zhejiang, China and one of the universities in the country's “Shuang Yi Liu” (“Double First-Class”) Initiative, covering an area of 3,036 acres with a total construction area of 974,600 square meters.

Project Overview

As the meeting room in Anzhong Hall of Ningbo University can be used for training, conference, press release and other purposes, our customers have very high requirements for sound reinforcement. In order to meet their needs and make various meetings more efficient, it is required to add intelligent digital conference system and audio equipment for the meeting room.


Application Effect

In the conference room of Anzhong Hall of Ningbo University, we adopt DSPPA Intelligent Digital Conference System with data management functions such as voting and speaking restrictions, and all function items and setting information displayed on the touch display, making human-computer interaction more user-friendly. The system conforms to the international standard of IEC 60914. 


The amplifiers used in the conference room is DSPPA professional stereo amplifiers, which adopt built-in temperature compensation technology. Therefore, the amplifiers can still work in a stable manner under high temperature even if the meeting has been held for a long time.


In order to meet the high requirements for sound reinforcement,we also reasonably arrange DSPPA high-fidelity stereo active speakers in various areas of the conference room, with an aim to ensure that participants at every corner can experience the high-quality original sound effect.


The pickup microphones installed in the meeting room is DSPPA ceiling-mounted microphones, which adopt array sound capture technology, with high sensitivity and long pickup distance, as well as clear pickup.

System Connection Diagram


Customer Feedback

“We are happy to apply DSPPA Conference System and Sound Reinforcement System in the meeting room of the Anzhong Hall, which are easy to operate and very user-friendly. Now we can conduct various conferences in an efficient manner.”

2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
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