2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

2x120W Integrated Conference Mixer Amplifier MK6920

  • Professional digital mixing amplifier with 4 microphone inputs that can be balanced or unbalanced, independent volume adjustment of each microphone, with mixing processing function, and 7 equalization adjustments for microphone input, with phantom power supply available (+48V)

  • With 3 audio (stereo) inputs, and 2 audio outputs, with volume, bass, treble, and equalization adjustment for audio input

  • With audio source selection select between line input and MP3. Audio from three ways and MP3 cannot be output simultaneously. Only one channel or MP3 can output once. 

  • This professional amplifier speaker system can play MP3 by USB. Can switch between two modes, select program, adjust volume and select repeating mode and EQ mode

  • With master volume adjustment

  • MK6906, with rated power 2×60W/8Ω (when working alone, power of each channel is 60W/8Ω)

  • MK6920, with rated power 2×120W/8Ω (when working alone, power of each channel is 120W/8Ω)

  • MK6925, with rated power 2×250W/8Ω (when working alone, power of each channel is 250W/8Ω)

  • With DC output protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, and overheating protection

  • With output level and protection indicators for two channels

  • Infrared remote control of MP3

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Specifications of 2x120W Integrated Conference Mixer Amplifier

Professional Digital Mixing Amplifier ModelMK6920
Microphone input sensitivity5 ± 0.5mV
Line input sensitivity250 ± 50mV
MP3 input -10dB / 1KHZ sine waveOutput 32V
Line output voltage950 ± 150mV
Total harmonic distortion≤0.5 (1KHz, normal working conditions)
Line frequency response20-20k Hz (± 3dB)
Microphone frequency response80-20k Hz (± 3 dB)
Microphone 7 balanced64HZ: ± 12dB

160HZ: ± 12dB

400HZ: ± 12dB

1KHZ: ± 12dB

2.5KHZ: ± 12dB

6.4KHZ: ± 12dB

15KHZ: ± 12dB
Line input and MP3 tone adjustment range bass100Hz: ± 12dB
Treble10KHz: ± 12dB
Signal to noise ratio (8Ω output)≥75dB
Working power supplyAC220/ 50Hz
Phantom voltage+ 48V
Rated power consumption8Ω 120W
Protective functionOverload, over temperature, short circuit
Dimension (L × W × H)483x 310x 88 mm
Package dimension (L × W × H)520mm×395mm×170mm
Gross weight10.15kg
Net weight8.15kg

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