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8 Channel Power Sequence Controller D6578

● The machine adopts an industrial-grade LCD display, with screen saver time settings, to display the current energy indicator, date, time, day, channel switch status and timing point online information of each channel in real time, with delay on/off settings (0 ~ 120s) for each channel.

● Each channel can be set with timing switch time, multiple timing plans, and single on/off or cycle switch and cycle time switch. With a built-in high-precision clock chip, it can be set according to the date and time, no need for manual operation, and can be connected to the network automatically for time calibration, making it easier for equipment management.

● Equipped with a professional web page (computer, Android phone, Apple phone, iPad) for login, management and control operation, enabling a stronger management function in system integration. With RS-232 serial control protocol, it supports external central control device control. With RS-485 serial port for online function, it can achieve sequential power-on from front to back and power-off from back to front.

● Using the universal socket, it can be compatible with the power interface of all products; standalone 8-channel sequential power supply, with optional filter, 2U in chassis height, with air switch device, beautiful in outlook, fine in workmanship.

● With special undervoltage and overvoltage detection and alarm functions, to provide a reliable guarantee for your equipment, with a maximum input current of 60A, a maximum output current of 10A for a single channel, and an operating voltage of 95V-240V.

● Can achieve remote centralized control. Each device can be set to modify the code ID; each group name can be customized.

● Can control the single on/off operation of the cascade power system by logging into the software (computer, mobile phone, iPad, etc.) after enabling the multi-machine cascade function.

● Using terminal wiring mode and 63A high-current air switch for equipment power input.

Equipped with a variety of digital interfaces, including 1 male RS232 for central control, 3 RS232 3.81MM green connectors for expansion, 1 RS485 3.81MM green connector, 1 RJ45 network port, allowing wireless WIFI router access, and 1 12V output 3.81MM green connector.

● Support software password login. The password can be changed for easy access to permissions.

● The machine uses a professional industrial-grade power detection scheme for capture and is calibrated by a professional power algorithm, making the parameters to be more real-time and allowing the error to be controlled in the minimum range, with voltage, current, power, and frequency clear at a glance.

● Support multi-machine 485 long-distance cascade function, allowing up to 254 units.

● Operating voltage: 110V~240V.

● Output power port: 8 controlled universal sockets on the rear panel meet the requirements of different standards (universal socket, European standard socket, US standard socket).

● Socket standard: compatible with national standards of 6A, 10A and 16A.

● Switch interval, which can be set freely.

● Can display the current, power, and voltage parameters in real-time, which makes it easier to monitor the power system remotely.

● Chassis height: 2U (88mm).

● Weight: 6 kg.

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Specifications of Remote Intelligent Power Sequence Controller



Input/Output Voltage


Output Frequency


Maximum Withstand Current


Maximum Current for Single Channel


Current Detection Accuracy


Voltage Detection Accuracy


Maximum Current for DC12V Output


Output Channel

8 channels

Set Time On/Off



8 channels


4 channels


1 channel


1 channel



Package Dimensions

2U (550mm*300mm*150mm)

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