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Professional Sound Sytsem Solutions for Multifunctional Hall

2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
Multifunctional Hall Description

The multifunctional hall is a kind of venue with a flexible design, complete equipment and can accommodate a large number of people, which is usually used to hold various large-scale activities, such as reports and speeches, performance programs and so on. The design of a multifunctional hall is usually flexible and can be changed according to different needs, for example, the stage, lighting, sound and other equipment can be set up to accommodate different types of activities. The multifunctional hall usually has a large capacity and is equipped with advanced audio, lighting, large screen and other equipment to meet the needs of various types of event

The sound reinforcement system occupies a major position, in terms of listening, the sound reinforcement system should be able to clearly amplify the sound so that listeners can hear a clear sound, free from noise and noise interference. All parts of the field should have the right loudness and uniformity.

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Professional Sound Sytsem Solutions for Multifunctional Hall
Professional Sound Sytsem Solutions for Multifunctional Hall

System Advantages

● This system can meet national standards for average sound pressure level and sound field unevenness.

● With the intelligent central control system, it can truly reflect the standard of intelligent conference rooms, making the operation simple and intelligent.

● With the monitor speaker, the system can be manually intervened and adjusted at any time, so that users can adjust the system as needed at any time.

图片1.png Solution Overview

Design Objectives

● In any corner of the function room, you will hear clear, bright, rounded, full, thick and powerful sounds.

● The equipment needs to be stable, reliable and easy to operate. There will be no frequent failure and interference.

Design Method

● According to the location of the multifunctional hall and its functions, we adopted the centralized + decentralized sound reinforcement. We set the design standard of the sound reinforcement system of the multifunctional hall (multi-purpose class) as the national first-class standard, that is, the average maximum sound pressure level needs to be 103dB, the steady-state sound field unevenness is 6-8dB, and the sound transmission gain is -8dB. The fluctuation of the transmission frequency characteristic curve does not exceed 4dB.

● We design audio sound reinforcement systems to meet and exceed national standards to reflect the superior performance of the system. The sound effect of the sound reinforcement system conforms to the above level I standard of both language and music in the acoustic characteristics index of the GYJ125 multifunctional hall sound reinforcement system design, and achieves clear language, no distortion, sufficient sound pressure margin, and uniform sound field distribution.

图片1.png 500㎡-Multifunctional Hall Configuration Solution

● Pickup Part: We adopt the true diversity wireless handheld microphone, collar clip microphone and wired condenser microphone to ensure the speeches of speakers and leaders, at the same time, the antenna amplification system is equipped to ensure that the wireless signal will not appear cutoff frequency and crosstalk and other failures.

● Regulation and Control Part: The 8-channel mixing console and digital audio processor are selected to regulate the entire system. The analog mixer is simple to control and has sufficient functions. It has a variety of audio signal input and output interfaces, which can output multi-channel audio signals to meet the connection of various audio source inputs and outputs. The digital audio processor and feedback suppressor are built with rich peripheral modules, which can carry out various processing operations on the whole system while ensuring the signal-to-noise ratio and reducing the failure rate. It not only provides stable performance and diversified modes, but also supports hot-plug function. The failure of one channel will not cause other channels to be unavailable, enhancing the entire system’s stability.

● Sound Reinforcement Reduction System: It adopts 4+1 line array speakers and 2 line array full-range speakers as the main speakers, and the combination of woofer and full-range speakers allows for better sound and coverage. According to the venue, it is equipped with 4 stage monitor speakers and 4 apron stage speakers to fill the sound gap of the stage and front row audience. Four 350W two-way speakers are used to assist in supplementing the sound pressure level in the midfield; The entire system provides a more balanced sound without a frequency band being too prominent or insufficient, allowing listeners to hear a more natural, realistic sound. It also meets the national standards for average sound pressure level and sound field unevenness and is suitable for different performance activities.

● Central Control System: With central control host,  the power switch, volume level, screen switching, lighting, etc. can be controlled centrally on the wireless tablet PC to improve the operability of the meeting and create a high-tech intelligent conference room.

● System Protection: Mainly equipped with power sequence controller, in order to prevent the safety and reliability of the system equipment in use, especially in the event of an accident, but also to protect the equipment from damage.


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图片1.png Product List

No.ModelProduct NameQuantity
Audio Source Part
1D5821Wireless Handheld Microphone1 Set
2D5822Wireless Collar Microphone1 Set
3D6656Antenna Receiver1 Set
4D6657Antenna Distributor1 PC
5D6558ZWired Microphone2 PCS
Regulation and Control Part
1DN20Digital Mixing Console1 PC
2D6644HAudio Processor1 PC
3D6573Feedback Suppressor1 PC
Sound Reinforcement System
1LA1408Passive Line Array Full-range Loudspeaker8 PCS
2LA1408SPassive Line Array Woofer Speaker2 PCS
3LA1408Passive Line Array Loudspeaker2 PCS
4D6569Professional Subwoofer 2 PCS
5D656410 Inch 250W Professional speaker (Apron Stage Speaker)4 PCS
6D656512 Inch 350W Professional  speaker (Stage Monitor Speaker)4 PCS
7D656512 Inch 350W Professional  speaker (Auxiliary Speaker)4 PCS
8MX3000II Professional Stereo Power Amplifier (for line array speaker)4 PCS
9MX4000IIProfessional Stereo Power Amplifier (for subwoofer)1 PC
10MX2500IIProfessional Stereo Power Amplifier (for Apron Stage Speaker)2 PCS
11MX3000IIProfessional Stereo Power Amplifier (for 2 PCS

Stage Monitor Speaker)
12MX3000II Professional Stereo Power Amplifier (for 2 PCS

Auxiliary Speaker)
13DSP6606Monitoring Spekaer1 Set
Central Control Part
1D6401Central Control Host1 PC
2D6421Power Controller1 PC
System Protection
1D6572IIPower Senquence Controller2 PCS
Supporting Materials
1LA1408DMounting Bracket3 Sets
2LA141HHoist Hook3 Sets
3LA142KU-shaped Shackle12 PCS
4D5ASpeaker Bracket4 PCS
5Self-providedRouter1 PC

图片1.png  Connection Diagram of Sound Reinforcement System


图片1.png Product Highlight


图片1.png Product 


图片1.png Line Array Speakers Details


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