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2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Pro Sound System Solution for Small Conference Rooms

2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
Design Obejectives

In the design of a conference application solution, as the requirements of sound reinforcement for music, conference, report and speech are fully taken into account, we equipped a compact and high-level digital conference system with advanced technology control, which takes into account of the transmission of speech, music and video. The whole system ensures a uniform sound field and sound pressure in the conference and provides high-quality music and speech intelligibility.

The sound reinforcement for a conference of 50 square meters belongs to a sound reinforcement for small conference rooms. Generally, this type of sound reinforcement does not require complex procedures, which is ready-to-use, and convenient to operate. Also, it is required to be easy to install and construct, safe and reliable, with strong anti-interference capability, clear and pleasant speech, and uniform sound field, without howling or noise, so that the content of the speech at the meeting can be clearly heard by each participant.

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Pro Sound System Solution for Small Conference Rooms
Pro Sound System Solution for Small Conference Rooms

System Advantages

Through the analysis of the layout environment of the conference room, and rational arrangement, installation and connection of the sound equipment, the sound source and the speakers of the sound system are in the same sound field area, and thus the real presence of the sound source can be perceived by the audience, achieving the sound reinforcement requirements for high-fidelity playback.

The conference system can provide, release and transmit all kinds of information for the participants quickly, accurately and intuitively, improving the accuracy and science of leadership decisions and the efficiency of meetings and work.

Employing today’s technology and sophisticated products, with the capacity to expand, the system and equipment are reliable, functional, and easy to use, as well as excellent in performance.

With screen sharing, writing synchronization, annotation at any time and code scanning for sharing, it can be used for company presentations and training, as well as product demonstrations. The straightforward yet classy design instantly gives prominence to the brand power of the company.

professional-sound-system-for-indoor-stadiums-11.png Maybe You Want To Know More:

professional-sound-system-for-indoor-stadiums-11.png  Solution Overview

3 Major Problems for Conference Rooms


Project Requirements

● The system should be simple in structure, easy to operate, and can be used by anyone without professioal knowledge.

● Cost-effective, convenient to build a meeting environment.

● Meet the needs of local daily meetings, keep the meeting table tidy, and be flexible in adding or removing speakers.

● With a clear screen.

professional-sound-system-for-indoor-stadiums-11.png 50㎡ Conference Solution Design

System Configuration

● Sound Source Part: For the simplicity of small conference rooms, a mobile wireless handheld microphone is equipped to prevent the inconvenience caused by the speaker’s movement. The handheld microphone can effectively enhance the main sound source and suppress background noise to make the speech clear. Besides, it is easy to manage and can be used through the automatic frequency pairing of the host when it is turned on, no need for additional operation.

● Regulation and Control Part: The 8-channel mixing console and digital audio processor are applied to regulate and control the whole system. The analog mixing console is easy to operate and multifunctional, and holds various audio signal input and output interfaces for the output of multi-channel audio signals and connection to various audio inputs and outputs. The digital audio processor and feedback suppressor enjoy abundant built-in peripheral modules for a range of processing operations on the whole system, while ensuring the signal-to-noise ratio and reducing the failure rate. With stable performance, diversified modes and hot swap, they can still work normally even if a channel fails, delivering higher system stability.

● Sound Retrieval System: The ceiling speaker is designed with two coaxial speaker units and provided with good low and medium frequency response for music and human voice, bringing out a clear and sweet sound. Four speakers are arranged for sufficient sound pressure level, and their woofers compensate for the lower limit of the low and medium frequency, enhancing the dynamic range of the whole field. They not only ensure speech intelligibility and music clarity, but meet the national standards for average sound pressure level and uniform sound field. The ceiling speakers are embedded for concealed installation, so as to enhance the aesthetics of the conference room.

● Display System: The intelligent conference flat panel is applied and installed in a wall-mounted way. It will take up less space for its all-in-one design, simple in outlook and elegant in style, as well as with a hint of high-tech, which can help enterprises effectively improve the level of the conference room. Used with a screen projector, the computer screen can be shared to the large screen wirelessly in real time, offering more convenient operations.

● System Protection: The power sequence controller is equipped to ensure the safety and reliability of the system equipment in use, and protect the equipment from damage, especially in the event of an accident.

professional-sound-system-for-indoor-stadiums-11.png Conference System Connection Diagram



Product Name


Sound Source Part



Wireless Hanheld MIC System

1 set

Regulation and Control Part



Analog Mixing Console

1 piece



Audio Processor

1 piece



Feedback Suppressor

1 piece

Sound Retrieval System



Professional Amplifier

1 piece



Ceiling Speaker

4 pieces

Display System



Intelligent Conference Flat Panel

1 piece



OPS Computer Module

1 piece



Wireless Screen Projector

1 piece

Supporting Materials



Power Sequence Controller

1 piece

professional-sound-system-for-indoor-stadiums-11.png Function Highlights



professional-sound-system-for-indoor-stadiums-11.png Applications


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