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Digital Audiovisual Conference Solution D6201

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Solution Design for Small Conference Room

Digital audio conference system D6201 is used in a conference room in a new building in the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia. The conference room is 14 meters in length, 5 meters in width, covering an area of 70㎡, and has 14 seats. It is mainly used for meetings, training, and information release. It needs display system, conference sound reinforcement system, and digital discussion system to realize synchronous real- time display of multi-channel video signal/VGA/HDMI signal/mixed video signal.

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Digital Audiovisual Conference Solution D6201
Solution Design for Small Conference Room
Solution Design for Small Conference Room
Digital Audiovisual Conference Solution D6201

1. Sound reinforcement system

In terms of sound reinforcement, it focuses on the clarity of speech sound reinforcement, sound transmission gain, sound pressure level, sound field uniformity, and music playback sound quality, which can be achieved through digital audio processing. 

2. Speech and discussion function

The chairman unit has the priority to speak, which supports four conference speech modes: first-in-first-out mode, normal mode, free mode, and application mode.

3. Video signal processing function

It adopts a 120" projection screen, an engineering projector with a brightness of 6500 lux, a camera D6283II, and other display devices to realize the coordination, processing, and switching of input and output signals. 

4. PC and mobile phone control function

It supports TCP/IP protocol, and all functions of the system can be remotely controlled through the PC software and mobile phone software, realizing the efficiency of the system.

5. Speech timing and system recording function

The administrator/secretary sets the display of a certain unit to display the speaking time.

6. Audio and video switching system

The D6108 video matrix system can switch any camera video signals, video conference terminal signals, computer signals of information points, and various types of external signals to the corresponding display terminals as needed to ensure the orderly progress of the conference.

Solution Product Use

Digital conference system: 

It is composed of conference control host D6201, speaking mic D6221/D6222 and other related equipment to meet the requirements of conference functions such as speech and discussion of participants in each conference room. Configure the tracking camera D6283II. When a conference mic is turned on, the tracking camera will track the position of the speaker for close-up, and transmit the signal to the matrix or directly to the display device for viewing.

Video system:

 It is composed of 8-channel plug-in host D6108, 1 HDMI input card (4 channels), 1 HDMI output card (4 channels) to meet the needs of camera tracking, video playback, work report presentation, etc. in the meeting. The HDMI matrix forms a central signal management system for the signal processing part to achieve powerful signal switching, scheduling and other tasks.

Sound reinforcement and audio processing equipment:

 It is equipped with a MG12 mixer for audio access in the meeting room. In addition, D6575 is used as a professional audio processing equipment to make the voice clear, distortion-free and no feedback howling, 4 full-range wall mount speakers D6563 is used in the conference room to meet the sound field requirements of the venue, and 1 2*400W dual-channel amplifier is used to promote sufficient on-site sound pressure margin, uniform sound field, accurate sound image positioning, etc.


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