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2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Professional Sound System Solution for Medium-sized Conference Room

2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
Design Objective

In the design of conference application scheme, it is necessary to fully consider the sound reinforcement requirements of music, conference and report and speech, and is equipped with a set of digital conference systems with simple and advanced processing technical control, high level and taking into account the transmission of language, music and video. The entire system guarantees an even distribution of sound pressure in the sound field in the conference room and provides high-quality music as well as speech intelligibility.

Simple installation, convenient construction, safe and reliable, strong anti-interference ability, clear and pleasant voice of the whole conference, no distortion, no sound feedback howling.

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Professional Sound System Solution for Medium-sized Conference Room
Professional Sound System Solution for Medium-sized Conference Room

System Advantages

The system can meet the national standards for the average sound pressure level and unevenness of the sound field.

With intelligent central control system and camera tracking, it can truly reflect the standard of intelligent conference rooms.

It not only satisfies the multi-functional needs in audio, but also displays various requirements of conference in video, truly realizing the multi-functional integration of audio and video.

professional-sound-system-for-indoor-stadiums-11.png Conference Room Sound Reinforcement Instructions

● The conference room sound reinforcement system is a precise scientific system, with stable work, high reliability and other performance. Usually these problems can be troubling, for example, it is easy to howl when the pickup distance is close or far during the meeting; the microphone rod occupies a large space;  and the pickup range is small.

● When setting up the venue, it is impossible for the spokesperson to test the sound on site. Therefore, in order to achieve a bright and clear sound effect (loudness should be just proper but not howling) during live sound reinforcement, there is a certain amount of knowledge that should learn in the selection and placement of microphones.

● Because different types of microphones have different effects on different sound sources, especially the selection of microphones should be an in-depth understanding of the technical characteristics of the microphone, performance advantages and disadvantages and applicable occasions.

● In addition to considering the electroacoustic indicators such as the sensitivity of the microphone, the matching of the output impedance and the input impedance of the mixing console, the directional characteristics, frequency response characteristics and the shape of the microphone should also be taken into account in the conference room.

● In terms of directivity,  the supercardioid model is suitable for fairly long-distance pickup, the cardioid model is suitable for most situations, and the non-directional model is never suitable for speech pickup and is prone to causing echo and howling.

● For this reason, we introduced a wide bandwidth condenser cardioid microphone, microphone using a short microphone pole, high sensitivity design, simple and atmospheric appearance.

professional-sound-system-for-indoor-stadiums-11.png Connection Diagram


 professional-sound-system-for-indoor-stadiums-11.png New-style Microphone-D6271 Series


professional-sound-system-for-indoor-stadiums-11.png Function Highlights


professional-sound-system-for-indoor-stadiums-11.png Product Details-D6271 Series




Structure Type


Static power consumption


Max. power consumption




Crosstalk Attenuation


Harmonic distortion


Headphone Output

9dBu, 8-32Ω, 3.5mm

Working Power

Power by the host with DC24V

Unit Interface

8-pin DINdedicated interface

Microphone Type

Electret cardioid condenser



Input impedance


Equivalent Noise

20dB (SPL)


125dB (THD<3%)

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