2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Video Conference Solution for Company Senior Management

2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
Layout drawing of the meeting room for company headquarters

In meetings of various sizes, it has abundant and flexible meeting functions to meet different meeting needs.

A listed company is required to have a video conference with the senior management of its subsidiaries in other regions to make a report, seeking affordable conference room systems equipment design plan. In order to meet the needs of use, our company combines HD8000 remote video conference system and D6201 digital conference system with D6108 video matrix system to create a remote video conference system across network segments, with simple wiring and easy to operate.

It is located at the west end of the second floor of the municipal government office building, with total renovation area of 68㎡, and 3.1m in height.

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Video Conference Solution for Company Senior Management
Layout drawing of the meeting room for company headquarters
Layout drawing of the meeting room for company headquarters
Video Conference Solution for Company Senior Management

1. Real-time audio and video interaction function: HD8000 video conference system provides high-definition video and no-latency voice calls. The video supports up to 1080P and provides high-quality cloud conference effects.

2. Synchronous playback of multimedia files: HD8000 video conference system supports simultaneous playback of multimedia files in any standard format to other participants, with clear and smooth effect, which enriches the way of expression of the meeting, and enhances the function and market value of cloud meetings.

3. Conference management function: Support multiple conferences at the same time. Different meeting rooms can enter different meeting modes as required, and the number of meeting rooms can be increased as needed.

4. Conference recording and playback function: HD8000 video conference system can record all the audio and video information, screen information, document sharing, and collaborative browsing during the conference in real time, which can truly reproduce the actual situation of the conference when you watch the video after the conference.

5. Voting function: Combined with HD8000 video conference system and D6201 digital conference system, it can realize voting. The conference speaker can initiate a voting during the voting process, and the voting options can be entered online or pre-programmed. After voted by the attendees, the conference speaker clicks the broadcast result to directly display the voting result, and at the same time, the system can set the storage path for the voting result and save it in XML file format.

6. Video loop function: When the number of videos received by the user is greater than the number of split screens in the window, the video loop mode can be used. The loop interval can be set freely. When the broadcast loop is used, the video loop screens in all the branch conference venues are the same as that in the main conference venue. When the local loop is used, only the local conference venue can watch the loop screens, and can support the real-time round tour of all branch conference venues, and freely selected round tour of the branch conference venues.

7. Conference locking function: The system supports conference locking. In this way, other users can be prevented from entering the conference system to interfere with the normal progress of the conference and prevent the leakage of conference confidential information. When the meeting room is locked, even if you have the account and password of the meeting room, you cannot enter the meeting room, and only be allowed to enter the meeting room after obtaining the approval of the administrator.

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This system can hold a whole network video conference attended by the main venue and all branch venues. It can be used for the whole unit or the whole region of a certain department to hold meetings, such as work meetings, publicity and education activities, experience promotions and work reports, etc.



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