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2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Conference Digital Mixer Amplifier Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Conference Rooms

2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
Why use a digital mixer amplifier in small and medium conference rooms?

Drawbacks of Traditional Amplifiers

● Outdated style, too many knobs, lacks user-friendliness, prone to misuse.

● Limitations: no Bluetooth, MP3 format options, TF card support, or mic anti-whistling.

● No RS485 remote control, no platform access.

● Mic input sensitivity issues lead to interference.

● Traditional analog amp is inefficient, heavy, and bulky compared to digital.

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Conference Digital Mixer Amplifier Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Conference Rooms
Conference Digital Mixer Amplifier Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Conference Rooms

Promotion of DK69 Series Conference Digital Mixer Amplifier

● The DK69 series is a series of sound reinforcement amplifiers that integrates EQ, pre-amplifier and power amplifier functions.

● With a new style exterior design, all series are digital amplifiers, using 2.4” color LCD screen to greatly enhance the level.

● Work with a rotary encoder (shuttle) for human-computer interaction, while using the independent volume setting button of each sound source for convenient volume control, and 7-band digital equalization adjustment.

● With advanced technology and design to improve the cost performance of the products, so as to strengthen the competitiveness of the product line.

图片2.png  Solution Requirements

● The sound reinforcement system of small and medium-sized conference rooms mainly includes the sound source and its surrounding acoustic environment, the microphone for converting the sound to an electrical signal, the equipment for amplifying and processing the signal, transmission lines, the speaker for converting the signal to an acoustic signal, and the acoustic environment of the audience area.

● The sound reinforcement system is one of the key points in the design of the whole conference room. The main role of the audio reinforcement system is to clearly transmit and restore the audio signal of the conference speech through centralized sound reinforcement, so as to ensure sufficient sound field intensity, uniform sound field distribution, and adequate speech intelligibility in the venue so that all participants can hear the speech content clearly while achieving high-fidelity restoration of the sound source signal.

Project Requirements

● The sound equipment should provide enough access ports for microphones and background music to meet the needs of sound reinforcement for holding multimedia conferences, small reports, speeches and other activities.

● The sound system equipment should provide a variety of options such as volume adjustment, timbre beautification, effect enhancement, and room reverberation adjustment, so as to facilitate staff to cooperate with various types of conference activities for debugging.

● The number and types of speakers need to be arranged in a reasonable manner to meet the requirements of the conference for high speech intelligibility and reduced echo, and the playback of the audio file requires soft sound quality and uniform sound field coverage.

图片2.png  Highlights


图片2.png  Conference Digital Mixer Amplifier Host DK69 Series -- Functions















● 2×150W/8Ω, 2×250W/8Ω, 2×350W/8Ω, 2×500W/8Ω, 2×650W/8Ω, the full range of digital amplifiers supports 4Ω load.

● Work with a rotary encoder (shuttle) for the main operation. Each sound source has an independent volume button to facilitate volume operation, with a simple interface to prevent misoperation.

● With a built-in player, supports the visual display of songs, and supports the previous songs, the next song, pause, loop play, etc.

● With 2 microphone balanced inputs on the rear panel, 2 6.35mm microphone inputs, with separate volume adjustment, with reverb effect processing and 7-band digital equalization adjustment for the microphone input, and microphone anti-whistling function.

● With 3 audio lines, independent volume adjustment, 7-band digital equalization adjustment and multiple preset effects.

● With 1 audio line (stereo) output.

图片2.png  Application Diagram of Conference Digital Mixer Amplifier


图片2.png Cost-Effective Audio Conference System -- Solution 1

50㎡ ---- Configuration Description


● The whole system is easy to operate and affordable with good sound reinforcement effects.

● Using 1 DK6915 2-channel stereo output digital amplifier, with 5mV or 250mV (compatible with the conference condenser microphone and wireless handheld microphone) input sensitivity optional, allowing high sensitivity matching and high-fidelity restoration of the sound source signal.

● When the computer audio is input, enable the microphone sound priority function to weaken the background music in 6 levels.

● 2 DSP5040 wall-mounted speakers are installed on both sides of the conference room for close-range sound reinforcement, with appropriate loudness, good diffusion, and uniform sound field distribution.

● Suitable for 50 square meters of small meeting rooms, small auditoriums and other sound reinforcement places.



Product Name




UHF Wireless MIC System

1 PC



Condenser MIC




2×150W Stereo Mixer Amplifier

1 PC



Wall Mount Speaker


图片2.png  Cost-Effective Audio Conference System -- Solution 2

100㎡ ---- Configuration Description


● Using 1 DK6925 2-channel stereo output digital amplifier, with 7-band EQ processing, ensuring the true reproduction of the sound signal, so that participants can perceive the real existence of the sound source, achieving high-fidelity sound reinforcement.

● Work with the network central control host, using RS485 remote control to control all volumes and equalization adjustment.

● 4 DSP7085 are installed on both sides of the conference room for close-range sound reinforcement, with appropriate loudness, good diffusion and uniform sound field distribution.

● It is simple and practical to use and can meet the basic needs of sound reinforcement. It is suitable for 100 square meters of meeting rooms, conference halls, small auditoriums and other sound reinforcement places.

图片2.png  Cost-Effective Audio Conference System -- Solution 3

150㎡ ---- Configuration Description


● When the audio input of the conference room needs to be larger than the audio input port of the amplifier, or the audio output needs to be separated (e.g., video conferencing), it can be expanded to connect with a mixing console to better meet the functional requirements of the conference room.

● The conference condenser microphones are connected hand in hand, using the built-in 7-band EQ processing effect and microphone anti-whistling function of the amplifier to ensure the true restoration of the sound signal, without additional audio processor.

● Provide professionals with a more refined, high-standard meeting experience, to meet the diverse needs of meeting rooms; it also has excellent performance in the field of professional conferences.

● Suitable for 150 square meters of professional conference rooms and other high-level sound reinforcement places.

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