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2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

IP Network Conference System Solution for Conference Room D7101

2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
System Introduction

Based on the ARM9 embedded system platform, DSPPA conference system supplier uses the high-performance DSP digital audio processing technology and high-fidelity line design for wired conference mic connection, the D7101 Series IP Network Conference System supports 5G WiFi wireless conference mics to achieve digital and visualized all-round conference system.

The system features discussion and speech, voting, meeting sign-in, electronic desktop nameplate, teleconference, automatic camera tracking, and full conference recording. Besides, it can support PC-based software remote conference control, and Android tablet wireless control.

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IP Network Conference System Solution for Conference Room D7101
IP Network Conference System Solution for Conference Room D7101

Conference speech discussion, sign-in, and voting functions

The chairman mic has priority to speak, and supports 4 conference speaking modes: first-in first-out mode, normal mode, free mode and application mode. The participant can vote through the conference mic with voting function.

System recording and camera tracking

Insert a USB flash disk into the host D7101 to record the whole conference audio for easy archiving. Connected with the digital conference system to achieve camera tracking, which can provide close-up of the speakers.

Support TCP/IP protocol, RJ45 interface for wired connection and 5G WiFi for encrypted wireless connection.

The system can be connected to a PoE network switch to expand up to 4096 wired conference mics, while the wireless mic adopts 128-bit AES encryption technology to expand up to 300 wireless conference mics through the 5G WiFi encrypting router.

With hot backup function for the host

Set one conference host as the host, and the other conference host as the backup machine (slave), and connect them to the system. When the host fails, the slave will be automatically enabled.

Internal two-way call

The system has an internal call function, which can realize two-way communication among the chairman, delegate, interpreter and operator (only for wired mcs with 5″ condenser touch LCD screen).

Video Seamless Switch System D6108

The D6108 video matrix system can switch any camera video signals and video conference terminal signals to the corresponding display terminals as needed to ensure the orderly progress of the conference. It adopts a matrix signal switcher seamless switching of various video signal sources to achieve lossless signal transmission.

The system includes 3 connection methods for wired and wireless mics: 1. pure wired mic connection; 2. pure wireless mic connection; 3. wired and wireless mics hybrid connection.

The wired conference mics in the system are connected with a shielded CAT5 or CAT6 network cable, and the wireless conference mics are connected by 5G WiFi for encrypted wireless connection, which is characterized by simple installation, convenient construction, safety and reliability, and strong anti-interference ability.

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Network Conference System Diagram

Small Conference Room (10 People)

Connected with a CAT5 or CAT6 network cable

Conference System + Professional Sound Reinforcement System


Large and Medium-sized Conference Room (20 people)

Hybrid connection: Use a CAT5 or CAT6 cable for wired conference mics and 5G WiFi for wireless conference mics

System Component: IP Conference System + Video Matrix System + Professional Sound Reinforcement System

System Functions: With automatic camera tracking, video switching function, Voting, Sign-in.

Applications: Meeting report, PPT display, training, etc.


D7101IP Network Conference System Host1
D7121Desktop Chairman Microphone with Voting Function1
D7122Desktop Delegate Microphone with Voting Function10
D73215G WiFi  Chairman Microphone with Voting Function1
D73225G WiFi  Delegate Microphone with Voting Function10
D73415G WiFi Wireless Router1

POE Switch1
D6284Hight Definition Camera1
D61088 Channel HD Seamless Mixed Matrix Host Box1
D6104HR4 Channel Digital HD Audio & Video Input Card1
D6104HC4 Channel Digital HD Audio & Video Output Card1
D5821UHF Wireless Microphone System1
DMX1212-channel Audio Mixer1
D6573Feedback Suppressor1
D6575Digital Audio Processor1
MX1500IIProfessional Stereo Amplifier (8Ω; 2x230W)2
D65638'' 150W Professional Two-way Cabinet Speaker4
D3AWall Mount Bracket4
D6572II8-channel Power Supply Sequency Controller1
MP30U30U 19" Rack with Door and Fan1

Various types of conference mics connection


Network Conference System Highlight Functions


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