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2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Paperless Conference System Solution D7600

2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
Solution Design for Middle Room

DSPPA Paperless Conference System is tailored for party and government organs, enterprises, institutions, and large groups. It provides powerful meeting functions, including meeting information upload, document distribution, reading and viewing, document annotation, sign-in, voting, electronic whiteboard, document interactive transmission, interactive video transmission, meeting exchanges, information notification, meeting services, information records, etc.; 

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Paperless Conference System Solution D7600
Solution Design for Middle Room
Solution Design for Middle Room
Paperless Conference System Solution D7600

1. Check-in

Management Participants log in to the client terminal, select the meeting they want to attend, and follow the prompts to complete the sign-in, and the management terminal can count the number of sign-ins in real-time.

2. Co-screen

Viewing After entering the meeting, all meeting materials will be downloaded in real-time. The presenter can choose"Synchronized Viewing" to keep the participants in the same interface with him/her.

3. Voting

Set up voting in the management terminal, and then the participants can vote, and the management terminal will summarize the statistics thereafter.

4. Note Taking

Participants can record their notes by virtue of the terminal's"Notes Record" function and upload them to the server for viewing after the meeting.

5. Communication

Multiplayer sessions can be initiated to establish a mechanism for communication, allowing participants to fully participate in the discussion of relevant topics.

6. Conference Arrangement

Before the meeting, the following preparations should be done: meeting rooms, seating arrangement, and notification of participants one by one by phone calls, text messages or emails.

7. Meeting Material

You have to print and bind a lot of meeting materials and prepare table cards. and put them into place in advance for attendees, and sometimes it is even more hectic when the meeting schedule is changed.

8. Confidentiality

After the meeting, meeting materials are to be handed in or destructed for fear of information leakage, which is time-consuming and laborious.

Computers and multimedia technology provide new means and methods to conferences; Moreover, paperless conferences are rapidly gaining popularity for their diversity of functions, resource pooling and management standardization. With paperless conference rooms, governments, enterprises, and institutions have shortened the meeting preparation cycle, enhancing their work efficiency and management level.

Characterized by multiple functions, intuitive interfaces, and simple and steady operation, it can help greatly reduce the work pressure of meeting organizers as they can easily control the meeting, improving the meeting efficiency. Meanwhile, it lowers the costs of printing and projection equipment, which is fully in line with the national concept of “low-carbon and environmental protection”.

Multiple Paperless Terminals and Main Devices




Sound Reinforcement System: 1 * MX2500II, 4 * D6563 for amplification and 1 * lifting microphone for each seat for speaking are configured in a conference room.

Paperless System: 1* Paperless Conference Terminal with a tablet display is configured for each seat to attend properly and quickly. The participants can check in, view and edit conference materials, explain on the same screen of the terminals, and can save all the conference information on the host. It can also realize pre-conference check-in, inter-conference interaction and post-conference storage, thus the whole conference can be paperless, saving and environmental-friendly, and the participants can experience a simpler and more convenient conference.

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