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Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch DCP-8675

● Using Android operating system, support cable TV playback function; Support built-in OPS computer display function; USB multimedia file playback function;

● Support 10-point touch under PC and Android; support touch operation picture zoom in, zoom out, rotate, etc.; support touch function available after signal source switching;

● Support sleep timing, shutdown memory function, support remote control shortcut keys;

● Support screen recording function, electronic whiteboard, and handwritten annotation function, to meet the various application requirements of training and teaching;

● Support timing function, with a timer gadget, can control the time at any time;

● Support wireless screen transfer, transmit computer/laptop signals to the interactive panel for display, and support simultaneous reception of four signals and display on the same interactive panel;

● Support annotation sharing function through network QR code.

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Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch
Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch
Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch
Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch
Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch
Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch

Specifications of Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch


 DCP-8665, DCP-8675, DCP-8686, DCP-8698

Display Screen Size

 65 inches, 75 inches, 86 inches, 98inches (16:9)

Display Screen Type

LED LCD Display

Screen Display Size

1428.0 × 803.0mm (65 inches), 1649.0 × 927.1mm (75 inches), 1895 × 1066mm (86 inches), 2158.8 × 1214.4mm (98 inches) [HxV]

Physical Resolution

3840* 2160

Display Color

10 bit, 1.07B

Refresh Rate



300cd/ m2


5000: 1

Viewing Angle


Display Screen Protection

4mm fully tempered high explosion-proof - anti-glare glass

Backlight Lifespan

50000 hours

Touch Embedding Method

Built-in all-in-one, non-external design

Touch Sensing Technology

Infrared induction recognition touch technology (10 points)

Writing Method

Fingers, styluses or other non-transparent objects with a diameter of not less than 5mm (more than 8mm)

Cursor Speed

120 points/s

Positioning Accuracy

More than 90% of the touch area is ±2mm

Communication Interface

Type B USB Female Connector

Touch Resolution

32767* 32767

Numbers of Touches

Unlimited Times in Theory

Computer Response

System Automatic Recognition; ≤15ms

Device Driver


Touch Function

Support 10-point computer touch operation

Support image zoom in, zoom out, rotate

Speaker Specifications

10W / 8Ω × 2 Speakers


RJ45: 1 Group

Earphone: 1 Group

AV in: 1 Group

AV out: 1 Group

VGA in: 1 Group

HDMI in: 2 Groups

TOUCH PORT: 2 Groups

SPDIF out: 1 Group

RS232 Port: 1 Group

USB 2.0: 1 Group, USB 3.0: 3 Groups

Housing & Appearance

Aluminum frame corner block design, front buttons, front ports, front speakers

Device Dimension

1482.7mm *879.5mm*91.8mm (65 inches),

1704.6mm *1006.9mm*91.8mm (75 inches),

1950.8*1164.7*91.8mm (86 inches),

2215.2*1300.1*95.7mm (96 inches)

Package Size

1600*1000*200mm (65 inches), 1784.6*215*1086.9mm (75 inches),  2068*1276*245mm (86 inches), 2360*312*1445mm (98 inches)

Net Weight

27KG,40KG,56KG, 72KG, 95KG, 120KG

Gross Weight

32KG,48KG,70KG, 83KG, 115KG, 140KG

Max. Power Consumption

≤130W, ≤170W, ≤230W, ≤325W, ≤440W, ≤500W

Standby Power


Installation Method

With Wall Mounting Bracket

Environment Parameters



Working Temperature

0°C- 40°C

Working Humidity

10% - 90% non-condensing

Storage Temperature

-20°C- 60°C

Storage Humidity

10% - 90% non-condensing

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