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2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Wireless Conference System 5G WiFi Wireless Digital Voting Delegate Unit D7322

  • A conference-speaking unit that combines the speaking and voting functions into one.

  • It adopts WPA/WPA2 wireless security with 128-bit AES encryption to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access, providing greater confidentiality of the wireless delegate microphone system;

  • The elector core type pointing capacitive pickup with a two-color indicator (red/green). It is red when speaking, and it is green when applying for speaking.

  • A rotary plug microphone rod is adopted, mini-microphone.

  • There are square, ova land, goose-neck rod; The square rod is aluminum alloy with186mm in length, the oval microphone rod is 182mm in length, and the goose-neck rod has black and silver color, with 315mm, 415mm in length.

  • The microphone rod can be dismounted during the adjournment for maintenance and storage.Features an internal magnetic high-fidelity speaker that automatically mutes the sound when the microphone is turned on, making it difficult to howl.

  • The 3.5mm stereo headphone jack connects to the headset and the headset volume is adjustable.

  • Super anti-interference ability toward mobile phones..

  • Equipped with microphone switch key, and 5 voting keys, and chairman unit has chairman priority keys.

  • Key check-in function.

  • With 5-band EQ adjustment (password adjustable for PC software input), different sound effects can be adjusted to match the speaker's voice characteristics until they are perfect.

  • High-fidelity sound, the wireless unit supports up to 6 microphones simultaneously;

  • Each Conference unit has a unique ID number.

  • 2.42" OLED display with real-time display when the unit is operating:

  • The ID number of the conference unit, the number of applicants, the voting results, the number of people checking in, and various operational information;

  • Chinese Simplified and English bilingual display unit information.

  • With status display features such as WIFI signal strength, battery charge, cell information, and speaking timing,

  • The PC side can also remotely monitor status information;

  • Together with the camera, the camera can be automatically tracked when set up using the digital Conference system host or PC control software.

  • In conjunction with the control panel, the unit has a self-detection function. The items tested include: Keys, microphone, LED indicators, OLED screen, and internal speaker.

  • Lithium-ion battery powered, configured with the D7331charging case charged via the USB connector;

  • With a high-capacity battery, you can get long-lasting battery life.

  • When the microphone is turned on, the local speaker automatically switches off to prevent sound playback.

  • The microphone is switched on with a tone that sets the switch status.

  • The chairman unit has a priority function (all delegate units can be muted or turned off), and a lectern mode (the chairman unit is always on) with the host settings.

  • The Chair module has the function of approving a delegate's request to speak.

  • The chairman unit can be opened freely without being restricted by the number of speakers.

  • The Chairman Unit has the priority function of having full control of the order of the Conferences.

  • The Chairman Unit is connected freely.

  • It supports roaming capabilities,allows roaming between multiple AP, increases WIFI coverage, enables conference units to be used in large conference rooms or multiple conference rooms;

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Specifications of Wireless Conference System 5G WiFi Wireless Digital Voting Delegate Unit



The structure type


Effective frequency range of gain limitation (± 3dB)

Unit A to Unit B.


Host to unit line


Unit to host line output


Speaker power


Static power consumption


Maximum power consumption:


Signal-to-noise ratio


Crosstalk attenuation


Harmonic distortion


Headphone output

9dBu, 8-32 Ω, 3.5mm

Operating Power Supply(Battery Pack)

DC5V is charged by Type-C port (more efficient charging in off state)

Microphone type

Elector cardiac capacitive type



input resistance


Equivalent noise


Maximum sound pressure level


Package dimensions:

485×280×120mm (with two in a bpx)

Machine Dimensions (W × D × H)


Gross weight


Net weight


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