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Professional Sound System Solution for a Football Stadium

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Solution Overview

The football stadium is mainly used for sports competitions and gatherings, and its professional sound reinforcement system is required for the live commentary of admission ceremonies, group gymnastics and football games. Meanwhile, we need to take into account the functional requirements of various sports competitions in the future, as well as cultural and artistic performances.

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Professional Sound System Solution for a Football Stadium
Professional Sound System Solution for a Football Stadium

Football Stadium Description

● The football stadium is 105 meters long and 68 meters wide, with an area of 7,140 square meters.

● There is an independent sound control room on the top floor of the stands, which can observe the entire football stadium.

● There are separate lighting lampposts at the four corners of the football stadium.

● There is a row of chairs in the middle of the stands, which is 25 meters long and 10 meters wide.

●  Another one you might be interested in: outdoor sound systems for stadiums.

In order to allow the audience to hear the information sent by the referee during the game, the system is required to have a relatively good sound transmission gain. Generally, the auditorium around the football stadium is high and the playing field is low. Therefore, line array speakers are often suspended under the waterproof canopy for partition sound reinforcement, and the directional characteristics of the speaker system are used to ensure that the auditorium has sufficient sound pressure level and good speech intelligibility. To minimize the influence of noise, the sound pressure is generally required to be around 100 dB.

图片1.png Pro Sound System Connection Diagram




Product Name


Sound Source Part



True Diversity UHF Wireless MIC System (with 2 Handheld MICs)




Wireless Microphone Directive Antenna

1 PC



Wireless Microphone Antenna Distributor

1 PC



Desktop Condenser Microphone




8-Channel Mixer

1 PC

Regulation and Control Part



Digital Mixing Console

1 PC



12-Channel Digital Audio Processor with Echo Suppressor




Feedback Suppressor

1 PC

Sound Reinforcement and Restoration System



Professional Stereo Power Amplifier




Professional Stereo Power Amplifier




Passive Array Full-Range Speaker

30 PCS



15” Two-way Full-Range Speaker




Remote Horn Speaker




Multimedia Wall Mount Speaker

1 PC

图片1.png Pro Sound System - Configuration Solution for A Football Stadium

● Sound Pickup Part: The true diversity of wireless handheld microphones and wired condenser microphones are used to ensure the needs of broadcasting events and speeches by leaders. At the same time, an antenna amplification system is equipped to ensure that wireless signals will not fail over a long distance such as frequency loss and frequency crosstalk.

● Regulation and Control Part: The digital mixing console, digital audio matrix and feedback suppressor are applied to regulate and control the whole system. The digital mixing console features user-friendly interfaces and powerful functions, with a variety of audio signal input and output interfaces to connect sound reinforcement system, radio and television broadcast output, large screen system, recording and calling system, press release area and background broadcasting system. It allows the operator to quickly carry out mixing operations, and it can be expanded for subsequent expansion of the system. The digital audio matrix is built-in with abundant peripheral modules for various processing operations on the entire system while ensuring the signal-to-noise ratio and reducing the failure rate. The feedback suppressor greatly reduces the possibility of on-site sound howling and ensures the operation of the entire system.

● Sound Restoration System: The centralized sound reinforcement is adopted. The sound of 6 line array speakers starts from the rostrum and is directly aimed at the audience in the field so that the audience can hear the direct sound coming from the same direction; the horn speakers are installed on the lampposts in the field for long-distance sound transmission and make up the sound in the field. In the middle channel of the stands, two-way full-range speakers are used for sound reinforcement. The monitor speaker is provided for the operator with a better understanding of the state of the sound source.


图片1.png Control Room Equipment


● The control room of the football stadium is usually designed with the best view for easy observation of the field. Since the transmission of external sound is blocked by doors and windows of the room, a monitoring system is equipped to ensure accurate and clear audio signals in the control room.

● With a digital mixing console, it can capture and process audio signals in real-time, and can quickly generate and edit audio to meet the needs of music production and live streaming.

● It provides a professional working environment for the control room, enabling the operator to precisely process and optimize audio signals for optimum sound performance.

图片1.png System Equipment Highlight

Passive Array Full-Range Speaker (LA1428N)

● The system is a mini line array system with high power and high sound pressure levels.

● The speaker box body is made of special plywood for sea vessels, with high reliability, and all metal accessories are made of high-quality aluminium alloy.

● Unit driver: 8” woofer×2, 1.75” tweeter×1; rated power: 400W.

● Dimensions (W×D×H): 643mm×385mm×232mm; weight: 16kg.


● The sound pressure level of line array speakers can reach up to 126dB, with uniform coverage, uniform diffusion, strong directivity, and a small difference in volume between far and near fields.

● Centralized sound reinforcement is adopted. The sound starts from the rostrum with good directivity and is directly aimed at the audience in the field so that the audience can hear the direct sound coming from the same direction with minimized echo.

●  The superimposed effect of multiple line array speakers results in a long, so that the volume heard by the audience in the front and back courts is very close, avoiding the embarrassment that the front court feels too loud and the backcourt cannot hear it.

Remote Horn Speaker (D6079B)

● Two-way all-weather horn speaker system.

● The speaker box body is made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic, which is waterproof, UV-resistant and sturdy.

● The coaxial point sound source intelligently optimized and designed by the computer provides clear sound quality, rich sound level and fine treble.

● The low-frequency unit applies a compressed horn converter to improve the sound pressure level and extend the transmission distance.

● Unit driver: 15" woofer×1, 3" tweeter×1; rated power: 400W.


● The horn speakers are installed on the lampposts in the field for long-distance sound transmission and make up the sound in the field.

● The horn speaker can enhance the direction of sound, making the sound more focused and expressive; intensify the appeal of music, making the sound more natural; improve the intelligibility of speech, making the sound clearer and eliminating noise interference.

● It is suitable for outdoor spaces with large areas, meeting the requirements of long-range outdoor sound reinforcement, uniform sound pressure coverage, high intelligibility, and minimized echoes.

15” Two-Way Full-Range Speaker (D6565)

● Two-way full-range system with inverted low-frequency radiation.

● The wooden speaker box is sprayed with water-based paint with large black spots on the surface, and the perforated metal mesh is backed with acoustic sound-permeable cotton.

● With high-efficiency and high-quality unit configuration, it can be suspended for installation.

● Unit driver: 12“ woofer×1, 1.75” tweeter×1; rated power: 350W.

● Dimensions (H×W×D): 601×364×385mm; weight: 23kg.


● The sound effect of the two-way full-range speaker from DSPPA conference call speaker system is more balanced, which can better restore the details and expressiveness of the music, and can bring people a more comfortable feeling.

● It is suitable for professional performance sites, various conference venues, mobile performances, squares, shopping centres and other places.

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