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Professional Sound System Solution for Banquet Halls

2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
Design Objective

When designing a sound reinforcement solution, it is necessary to take into account the acoustic characteristics and use requirements of the banquet hall. As the speech signals are mostly concentrated in the medium frequency band, it is important to ensure that the sound in the medium frequency band is transmitted uniformly and clearly. Meanwhile, music performances require good sound quality and sound effects, so the sound reinforcement effect of low frequency and high frequency also needs to be considered.

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Professional Sound System Solution for Banquet Halls
Professional Sound System Solution for Banquet Halls

Project Requirements

● Banquet hall is a more high-end entertainment place, and the sound system equipment of the banquet hall is generally designed to ensure a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for customers, and enable a wonderful performance for programs or evenings.

● The sound reinforcement system for the banquet hall requires a user-friendly operation interface and control mode, allowing for easy tuning and control by staff.

● Consideration also needs to be given to ease of installation and maintenance, as well as uniform sound distribution, ensuring the reliability and stability of the system.

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图片1.png  Solution Overview

图片1-.png Banquet Hall Description

A variety of different types of activities will be held in the banquet hall, such as wedding events, company dinners, large gatherings, speeches, reports, press releases, product demonstrations, small and medium-sized cultural performances, and dances. In order to ensure that the participants can clearly hear the speakers’ voices and musical performances, the sound reinforcement system plays an important role in the banquet hall.

The sound reinforcement solution enables the participants in the banquet hall to hear the speakers' voices and musical performances clearly, enhancing the effects of the event and the experience of the participants. At the same time, the sound reinforcement solution also needs to take into account the ease of installation and maintenance to ensure the reliability and stability of the system.

A banquet hall usually holds a relatively large space, and it is essential to ensure that the sound is distributed uniformly to all corners so as to eliminate areas of inaudible sound. This can be accomplished through proper loudspeaker layout and mixing console control.

图片1.png 200㎡ Banquet Hall Solution Design

System Configuration

● Sound Source Part: In view of the simplicity of the auditorium activities, the mobile wireless handheld microphone is equipped to prevent the inconvenience caused by the speaker's movement, and the handheld microphone can effectively enhance the main sound source and suppress the background noise for a clear speech. Additionally, it is easy to manage and can be used after power-on and automatic frequency pairing with the host, not requiring additional operations.

● Regulation and Control Part: The digital mixing console, digital audio processor and feedback suppressor are selected to regulate and control the whole system. The digital mixing console features user-friendly interfaces and powerful functions, and holds a variety of audio signal input and output interfaces to output multiple channels of audio signals and connect various audio inputs and outputs. The digital audio processor and feedback suppressor are built with abundant peripheral modules to carry out a range of processing operations on the entire system while ensuring the signal-to-noise ratio and lowering the failure rate. With stable performance, diversified modes, and hot-swapping, they enhance the stability of the entire system as other channels will not be unavailable due to the failure of one channel.

● Sound Retrieval System: The wall-mounted speaker is powered by 1x8 woofer and 1x1 tweeter, with excellent low and medium frequency response, suitable for music and vocals, with clear and sweet sound quality.

● Central Control System: The central control host is applied to centrally control the power on/off, volume level, screen switching, lighting, etc., with a wireless tablet, enhancing the operability of the banquet hall and promoting an intelligent banquet hall with a high level of technology.

● System Protection: The power sequence controller is equipped to ensure the safety and reliability of the system equipment in use, and protect the equipment from damage, especially in the event of an accident.

图片1.png  System Advantages



图片1.png Conference System Connection Diagram




Product Name


Sound Source Part



Wireless Handheld MIC System




Antenna Receiver




Antenna Distributor

1 PC



Wired Microphone


Regulation and Control Part



Digital Mixing Console

1 PC



Audio Processor

1 PC



Feedback Suppressor

1 PC

Sound Retrieval System



Professional Amplifier




Wall Mount Speaker

10 PCS

Central Control System



Central Control Host

1 PC




1 PC

Supporting Materials



Power Sequence Controller

1 PC

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