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2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

5G WiFi Conference System Solution for Conference Room D7301

2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
System Introduction

5G WIFI Encrypted Wireless Conference System adopts 5.8GHz communication band with stronger anti-interference capability, providing greater bandwidth and transmission speed. Based on the ARM9 embedded system platform, the system DSPPA conference system supplier adopts high-performance DSP digital audio processing technology and high-fidelity line design, and combines advanced control technology with audio processing technology to realize digital and visualized audiovisual conference system.

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5G WiFi Conference System Solution for Conference Room D7301
5G WiFi Conference System Solution for Conference Room D7301

Rich Application Functions

With wireless and wired conference sign-in, conference speech, voting, speech countdown, auto camera tracking, fire linkage, etc.

Noise Suppression

Effectively prevent sound backhaul; with built-in high-fidelity speakers; automatically mute after the mic is turned on, and it is not easy to produce whistles, ensuring the quality of the conference; with 7 bands of EQ adjustment function (adjustable on PC software), different sound effects can be adjusted according to the speaker's voice characteristics until the perfect effect is achieved.

Simple Architecture, Break Through Limitations

Based on the transmission mode of WiFi wireless technology, a host, a WiFi router, and multiple wireless conference microphones can form a wireless WiFi conference system, breaking through the wired transmission mode, with more convenient and simple installation and deployment. 

Powerful Load Capacity

Support 300 wireless conference mics to access, which can be  for unified management and data processing in the background.

HiFi Quality, High-confidentiality Encryption

Adopt uncompressed audio transmission technology, with perfect sound quality of 20Hz-20KHz, 48K sample rate.Adopt 128-bit AES encryption technology to ensure the security of conference information.

Highly Reliable Transmission Technology

Adopt 5GHz communication band, with stronger bandwidth and communication speed, with good resistance to radio waves, electromagnetic interference, for faster and more stable wireless signal transmission.

5G WiFi  Conference System integrates function settings such as conference speech, discussion and voting, terminal equipment status detection and management, automatic camera tracking system and emergency alarm functions, as well as a variety of conference modes to realize conference recording.

The conference system is composed of the host D7101, conference mics, 5G WiFi encrypted wireless conference router, 5G WiFi wireless conference mic special charging box, camera, etc.

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5G WiFi Conference System Diagram

professional-sound-system-for-indoor-stadiums-11.png  Small Conference System:

Conference Units + Pro Sound Reinforcememt System


professional-sound-system-for-indoor-stadiums-11.png  Medium and large conference rooms:

With voting, sign-in, automatic camera tracking function and simultaneous interpretation system


professional-sound-system-for-indoor-stadiums-11.png  Multifunctional conference hall:

Conference unit system + video matrix system + central control system + professional sound reinforcement system. With automatic camera tracking, video switching function, one-touch control of  lighting, air conditioning, curtain switch, etc.


D7101Full Digital Conference System Host1
D73215G WiFi  Chairman Microphone with Voting Function1
D73225G WiFi  Delegate Microphone with Voting Function13
D73415G WiFi Wireless Router1
D61088 Channel HD seamless mixed matrix host box1
D6104HR4 Channel Digital HD audio & video input card1
D6104HC4 Channel Digital HD audio & video output card1
D5821UHF Wireless Microphone System1
D6401Multimedia Central Control Host1
D6421IIPower controller1
D64244 Channels Volumn Control1
PadPurchase separately1
RouterPurchase separately1
DMX1212 channels Audio Mixer1
D6573Feedback Suppressor1
D6575Digital Audio Processor1
MX2500IIProfessional Stereo Amplifier(8Ω;2x2400W)4
D65648'' 250W Professional Two Way Cabinet speaker8
D5AWall mount bracket8
D6572II8 Channel Power Supply Sequency Controller2
MP40U40U 19" Rack with Door and Fan1

5G WiFi Conference System  Highlight Functions


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