2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

4 Group 12 Channels Input Professional Mixing Console CM412

● Support 8 channels XLR mono inputs and 4 channels stereo input

● Each channel with 3 bands EQ adjustment, Mute switch, PFL ear phone switch

● Support 4 groups output,and 4 AUX (including EFF)

● Support 1 channels feedback and 1 monitoring output

● Built-in phantom power 48V

● Built-in 24 DSP digital effect processor

● Built-in USB port for recording and music playing

● Built-in Bluetooth

● LED screen for status display

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Specifications of 4 Group 12 Channels Input Professional Mixing Console

Frequency characteristics (MAIN OUT)

20 Hz-20 kHz +1 dB,-3 dB ®+4 dBu,600 Ω (With gain control at minimum electric level)

Total harmonic distortion (MAIN OUT

0.01%(THD+N) @+14 dBu,20 Hz-20 kHz,600 Ω (With gain control during maximum electric level)

Buzz and noise 1

-128dBu equivalent input noise (Channel 1 to Channel 8)

-100dBu Residual output noise (ST OUT)

-88dBu(92dB S/N) At the nominal level, the SR, GROUP master attenuator, and all channel transmit switches are set to off.

-81dBu(68dB S/N) AUX, EFFECT master control at nominal level, all channel

-64dBu(68dB S/N)ST, GROUP master attenuator and channel attenuator at nominal level (Channel 1 to Channel 8)

Crosstalk(1 kHz)

-70 dB, among every Input Channels

-70 dB, between input/output channel(CH INPUT)

Channel input equalization:±15 dB

HIGH (High)10KHz Slope


LOW (Low)100Hz Slope

Maximum amplitude of variation

of graphical equalizer ±12 dB

Seven bands (125,250,500,1 k,2 k,4 k,8 k)

Internal digital effects

16 types of programs, parameter control

Monophony /stereo input

peak indicator light

When the postposition EQ signal ( in ST sound channel, when the postposition.

EQ signal or the postposition microphone amplifier signal) enters into In cut-off.

3 dB range of the electric level in each channel, the red indicator will be lighted up.

Virtual DC+48 V

power supply (balanced Input)

When Virtual+48 V switch is on, virtual power will be provided.

Power consumption

51 W

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