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Infrared Wireless Conference System Solution for Conference Room D6701

2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
System Introduction

D6701 series wireless conference system is a highly confidential infrared conference system. Fully digitally controlled, the system can achieve a variety of functions, with a variety of speech modes, and can be connected with the video host to realize video tracking, sign-in, voting, speech and other functions.

The use of infrared can achieve sound signal transmission, and the system has the characteristic of high sound fidelity, high signal-to-noise ratio, no sound delay and so on. There is no need for cumbersome laying of cables, simply connect and turn on the power to use, and can be moved freely within the signal coverage area.

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Infrared Wireless Conference System Solution for Conference Room D6701
Infrared Wireless Conference System Solution for Conference Room D6701

● Conference speech, discussion, sign-in, voting functions

● Use infrared(IR) to achieve sound signal transmission

● High security and confidentiality, anti-eavesdropping, anti-electromagnetic interference of mobile phones

● Anti-howling unidirectional high-sensitivity pickup head, high fidelity, high SNR, low latency 

● Self-developed data communication algorithm with a fast response speed, can  connect 1000 conference units

● Multiple conference modes: rotation, restriction, speech control, and multiple chairman modes

● Dedicated infrared transceiver device, strong anti-interference abilitiy, POE power supply

● With sign-in voting function, it can be connected with video host to realize video tracking

● Ultra-low power consumption, rechargeable lithium battery power, 6 hours of continuous speech, and 25 hours of standby time

The system uses a dedicated infrared transceiver device with a strong anti-interference capability. It is connected to the host by network cable and is powered by POE, without an additional power supply.

The conference unit uses a rechargeable lithium battery, which is convenient and environmentally friendly, and can be charged with a charging box or with an adpater.

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Infrared Conference System Diagram

Small Conference Room (10 People)

Small Conference Room System:

Conference System + Professional Sound Reinforcement System


Large and Medium-sized Conference Room (20 people)


Infrared Conference System

Please refer to the following table and  the infrared wireless conference system host, conference units and accessories are purchased according to actual needs.



Max. QTY


Infrared Wireless

Conference System Host



Infrared Chairman Microphone with Voting Function


≤15 PCS

Infrared Delegate Microphone with Voting Function


≤1000 PCS

External switching power adapter of the host

DC 12-15V


Comes with the host

Main Infrared Signal Transceiver  



Extender Infrared Signal Transceiver




Dedicated Lithium Battery



Dedicated Battery Charging Box




Note: If the user needs to use optional items, please specify it in the order.

Venue work area

The infrared conference system needs to confirm the actual work area of the system, that is, the area where the conference attendance unit works. (In practical applications, it is inevitable that the signal coverage area is smaller than the actual venue area, so it is necessary to determine the actual work area of the conference unit and its location first.

It is recommended that the venue schematization is in accordance with the requirements of the figure below. Please determine the coverage area of a single infrared signal transceiver according to the height of the venue, and calculate the required number of infrared signal transceivers so that the coverage area is sufficient to cover the entire work area.


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