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2023 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Full Digital Conference System Controller D7101

  • Sensitivity: -26dBFS 

  • Hot Backup function.

  • A single conference system can connect with up to 4096 conference units.

  • As a distributed conference system with Network Transmission protocol, it provides an uncompressed, high-sound-quality, and easy-to-install solution.

  • The simultaneous limit of speakers (1/2/3/4/5/6) setting.

  • 4.3" TFT true color screen/touch screen:

  • The graphical interface design provides a clear view of all functions and settings, as well as basic information about the unit’s operation, and the design is beautiful and stylish;

  • Touch screen handling; Machine-human interaction makes it extremely user-friendly.

  • You can set the VIP delegate unit, which can be opened freely without the limitation of conference mode if the total number of working microphones is less than 6, and the 32 VIP units can be set at most.

  • Supporting such five conference modes as first-in-first-out, normal, voice-control, free, and application modes. Up to 6 units can be on simultaneously.

  • Built-in DSP digital sound processor, including low-frequency cuts and equalizers.

  • You can record a full Conference, either automatically or manually.

  • It has a unit detection function, automatic and manual.

  • Featuring timing and speech countdown reminder function. The timed speech feature can set the time of speech for the unit or turn off it, i.e free of restriction.

  • Featuring turning off all wireless units with one touch, you can modify the UHF segment radio transmit frequency.

  • The host computer has an integrated camera tracking system and 6 HDMI camera interfaces for automatic camera tracking.

  • Featuring an RS232 serial port for seamless connection to the central control system and an RS422 serial port for centralized control of the camera with a camera control cable.

  • Four 100-megabit+48V powered RJ45 network interfaces provide network transmission protocol and +48V network power to the connected conference units; the units can be linked with a loop handle.

  • Two TCP/IP network protocol 100-Gigabit RJ45 interfaces connect to the network and control the full functionality of the system through PC-side software.

  • RCA:

  • Two auxiliary audio input connectors to connect player devices, etc.

  • Two auxiliary audio output connectors for professional amplifiers;

  • Two alarm audio inputs connect alarm audio signals from the fire center.

  • XLR: An auxiliary audio output connector, connected in parallel to two auxiliary audio output lotus sockets (line out), for professional amplifiers.

  • The +5V alarm trigger voltage input interface is used in conjunction with the alarm audio input for the emergency alarm barge.

  • The enclosure is all-metal in design, the line and enclosure enhance the connection to the earth line, and have an anti-static capacity of 4kV contact and 8kV air.

  • With a high-end appearance, the 2U standard chassis can be mounted in a 19-inch standard cabinet.

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Specifications of Full Digital Conference System Controller



Line input voltage

250 ± 50mV

Alarm input voltage

250 ± 50mV

Line output voltage

1000 ± 100mV

Balance output voltage

2000 ± 100mV

Frequency response:

30Hz-20kHz (±3dB)

Signal-to-noise ratio

≥ 80dB

Harmonic distortion

≤ 0.5%

Maximum Output power

90W, 4-channel network PoE+48V power supply

Static power consumption

≤ 30W

UHF Frequency

632 MHz---695 MHz

Power switch


Package size(L x W x H)


Machine dimensions(L x W x H)


Gross weight


Net weight


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