2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Professional Sound System Solution for Conference Rooms D6643H D5830

2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
System Solution Overview

With the expansion of the company scale and the need for business development, the frequency of conference room usage has been increasing. However, in large meetings or training events, the sound transmission effect in the conference room is not ideal, leading to participants being unable to clearly hear the speaker's remarks. Therefore, in order to improve the sound transmission effect in the conference room, we need to formulate a sound reinforcement solution.

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Professional Sound System Solution for Conference Rooms D6643H D5830
Professional Sound System Solution for Conference Rooms D6643H D5830

Project Requirements

  • Provide clear and stable sound transmission effect to ensure that participants can hear the speaker's speech.

  • Convenient remote control of each speaking microphone, including volume adjustment, sensitivity adjustment, mute, etc.

  • 3Easy installation and operation, reducing operation and maintenance costs.

  • Beautiful and elegant product combination, in line with the decoration style of the conference room.

图片1.png  II. Solution Requirements

Conference Room Area

  • Length 12m, Width 8m, Height 3.5m; Useable Area: 100㎡

  • Independent sound system suitable for conferences.


图片1.png  III. Project Configuration


图片1.png  IV. Product Highlight 1



图片1.png  IV. Product Highlight 2


Operation Instructions

  • Set the input threshold to -48dBFS, and the noise is lower than -48dBFS, which will be directly filtered.

  • When the ratio is set to 2, the sound will be sharply reduced according to the ratio, thus suppressing the noise.

  • Start time: set to 2ms; Recovery time: set to 2 ms.


图片1.png  IV. Product Highlight 3


Operation Instructions

  • When the low-frequency resonance of the environmental sound field is severe, adjust 120-180 to reduce 2-3dB to reduce the low-frequency sound input.

  • Increase 1-2dB at 600-800 to supplement the mid-to-high frequencies of the sound.

  • It reduces the turbidity caused by low frequencies and improves the clarity of human voices.


图片1.png  IV. Product Highlight 4


Operation Instructions

  • Set the input threshold to -45dBFS, which is greater than the noise threshold of -48dBFS.

  • The target level is set to -15dBFS, that is, the sound is in the range of -45dBFS to -15dBFS, and the ratio is set to 2.

    The sound will be directly promoted according to the ratio, and the output will be stable.

  • Startup time: set to 200ms; Recovery time: set to 300ms.


图片1.png  IV. Product Highlight 5


Operation Instructions

  • The automatic button "Auto" of input channels 1 - 5 is selected, indicating that the signal of this channel will be sent to the automatic mixer for processing.

  • Priority: 0-10 level. When multiple microphones are turned on to speak at the same time, the microphone used by the leader can be set to have a higher priority, 

    thus giving priority to the sound output.


图片1.png  V. System Advantages

Long Sound Pickup Distance

  • With the support of automatic gain and automatic mixing technology, the microphone's pickup distance is 20-60CM, which can restore

    human voices and make them clear and easy to hear.

  • It also ensures no howling, no noise, and no interference at a comfortable pickup distance.


Sleek & Stylish Product Design

  • Metal texture, zinc alloy shell, tempered glass inlay, beautiful and durable.

  • Specially designed shielded circuits and one-piece zinc alloy shell can effectively suppress various types of electromagnetic interference.

图片1.png  VI.     Main Products

图片1.png  Product_Professional Condenser Microphone-D5830


  • Can suppress lateral ambient noise greater than 80dB.

  • Metallic texture with tempered glass inlay, beautiful and durable.

  • Zinc alloy die-casting, oxidized processing on the surface, thick and beautiful; with non-slip pads for four 

  • feet, more stable.

  • Distinctive directional characteristics in the vocal speech frequency band (100-12000) Hz, with excellent 

  • pickup within the specified range (20-60cm).

  • Powered by 48V phantom power supply.

  • Output impedance (20%): 680 Ω (balanced).

  • With low AC internal resistance, and strong anti-interference capability.

图片1.png  Product_Digital Audio Processor -D6643H


  • 24 bit/ 48KHz sampling frequency, high-performance A / D, D / A converter and 32-bit floating-point DSP processor, full-function matrix mixing function to provide users with excellent and clear sound.

  • High-precision input sensitivity adjustment with 21 levels, 3dB steps; the maximum input gain is 60dB.

  • Efficient algorithm processing: AFC, AEC, ANS, AUTOMIXER, EQ, GATE, AGC and so on.

  • Abundant interface extension: Input and output GPIO of 8 channels can be customized. Support external input level of 3.3 ~ 24V; USB interface supports recording and broadcasting, scene preservation and other functions. RS-485 supports automatic camera tracking, easy to achieve video conferencing; RS-232 two-way serial control interface, it can control or be controlled, such as video matrix, camera and other equipment.

  • Support scene preset for multiple group, user-friendly operating software interface.

  • Fast operation: web control mode, support Android, IOS system.

  • Support 1 USB recording channel.

图片1.png  Optional Configuration


  • Dante Advantage

  • Dante signal transmission overcomes the disadvantage of audio cables not being able to transmit over long distances

  • Dante signal system enables unlimited long-distance transmission in a network environment.

  • Dante signal transmission guarantees minimal delay, ensuring that audio is practically transmitted in real-time.

  • Dante signal transmission is uncompressed digital audio, ensuring audio quality and clarity.

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