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Desktop Speaking & Voting Delegate Unit D7152

  • A speaking conference unit integrating speaking, sign-in, voting, rating, SMS, and tea service functions.

  • With a 2m dedicated high-density cable and 1 RJ45 universal network connector.

  • Adopt integrated square microphone rod (240mm in length, non-removable), electret cardioid directional condenser pickup microphone, with two-color indicator ring (red/green), red for speaking, green for applying for speaking.

  • Adopt 4" square LCD display touch screen to display the working status of the unit in real time. The voting, rating, language switching between Chinese and English, volume level adjustment, backlight time setting, theme switching, SMS viewing, and tea service application can be completed through the display screen.

  • With a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for headphone connection to monitor the speech of other units.

  • Can adjust the microphone volume and headphone monitoring volume independently. Long press the V+ button to enter the microphone volume adjustment, and long press the V- button to enter the headphone monitoring volume adjustment; or adjust the volume on the touch screen.

  • With microphone on/off button, with a chairman priority button for the chairman unit. Can speak, sign in and number through the microphone on/off button.

  • With a unique ID for each conference unit. Long press the microphone on/off button to delete the ID number and reset to the first set of theme UI.

  • Come with 3 sets of theme UI, two modes: free mode and locked mode. In free mode, the theme of each unit can be changed freely, or the themes of all units can be changed uniformly in the PC background. In locked mode, the theme of the unit cannot be changed.

  • Display the ID number of the conference unit, the number of mics applying for speaking, the voting results, the number of attendees who have signed in and various operation information on the LCD screen.

  • With tea service function, including paper, pen, tea, coffee, and manual service.

  • With language switching function, bilingual switching between Simplified Chinese and English.

  • Combined with a camera, it can realize automatic camera tracking after set by the digital conference system host or PC control software.

  • Used in conjunction with the control host, the unit can realize the self-test function. The items to be tested include buttons, MIC, LED indicator, and LCD screen.

  • The unit is a passive device powered by the system host or PoE switch, with the input voltage of +48V.

  • Through the host settings, the chairman unit is endowed with a priority function (to mute or turn off all delegate units) and a podium mode (the chairman unit is normally on).

  • The chairman unit has the authority to approve the application for speaking from the delegate unit.

  • The chairman unit has the function of initiating a voting.

  • The chairman unit can be turned on freely without being restricted by the number of speaking units.

  • The chairman unit has the priority function of having full control over the order of the conference.

  • There is no restriction on the location of the chairman unit when connected to the system.

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Specifications of Desktop Speaking & Voting Delegate Unit



Structure Type


Effective Frequency Range of Gain Limit (±3dB)

Unit A to Unit B


Host Line to Unit


Unit to Host Line


Static Power Consumption


Maximum Power Consumption


S/N Ratio

>80dB (A-weighted)

Harmonic Distortion


Headphone Output

9dBu, 8-32Ω, 3.5mm

Operating Power

Powered by the host or PoE switch with +48V

Unit Interface

Network Interface


Microphone Type

Electret cardioid condenser



Input Impedance


Equivalent Noise

20dB (SPL)


125dB (THD<3%)

Package Dimensions

385×345×181mm (two pcs/CTN)

Machine Dimensions (Excluding MIC Rod, W×D×H)


Gross Weight


Net Weight


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