2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
2024 Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

Receiver Card D75E

  • Integrate 16 HUB75 interfaces, eliminating the need for an adapter board, providing greater convenience and lower costs.

  • With fewer plug-in connectors for lower failure points and failure rates.

  • Support the conventional chip for high refresh, high grayscale and high brightness.

  • Support mainstream conventional chips, PWM chips and Silan chips on the market.

  • With a new grayscale engine for better performance in low greyscale.

  • Eliminate detail problems such as darkening of a line, reddish low gray and ghosting caused by the design of the unit board.

  • Support high-precision integrated point-by-point correction of chroma and brightness.

  • Support any scan type between static and 64 sweeps.

  • Support flexible point extraction, row and column extraction, and data group offset, allowing for easy implementation of various shaped and creative displays.

  • Support 32 RGB signal outputs on a single card.

  • Support a large load carrying area.

  • Support an ultra-wide operating voltage ranging from DC 3.8V to 5.5V.

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Receiver Card
Receiver Card

Specifications of Receiver Card



Control System Parameters

Single Card Control Area

Conventional: 128×1024 pixels, PWM: 256×1024 pixels

Any Exchange of Network Ports

The network port can be used regardless of input and output.

Card-to-Card Synchronization

Nanosecond synchronization between cards

Display Module Compatibility

Chip Support

All mainstream LED driver chips, including conventional chips, PWM chips and Silan chips

Scan Type

Any scan type between static and 64 sweeps.

Supported Module Specifications

Assembly of any row and column within 8192 pixels

Wiring Direction

Support left-to-right, right-to-left, top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top wiring.

Number of Data Sets

32 sets of full color data

Data Folding

Support same direction folding, reverse folding, same direction folding in 4 parts, etc.

Data Exchange

Support 32 sets of data exchange freely.

Module Point Extraction

Support any point extraction.

Module Row and Column Extraction

Support any row and column extraction.

Data Serial Transmission

Support serial in the form of RGB, R16G16B16, etc.

Compatible Devices and Interface Types

Communication Distance between Devices

CAT 5e cable ≤100m recommended

Compatible Transmission Devices

Gigabit switch, Gigabit fiber transceiver, Gigabit fiber switch

DC Power Supply Interface

Pin header VH3.96mm-4P, barrier terminal block - 8.25mm-2P

HUB Interface Type

Self-contained HUB75 interface

Physical Parameters

Board Dimensions

Length 145.2mm, width 91.7mm

Input Voltage

DC 3.8V~5.5V

Rated Current


Rated Power Consumption


Storage and Transport Temperature


Operating Temperature


Anti-static Capacity of Human Body




Environmental Monitoring & Remote Control (Requiring a Multifunction Card)

Monitoring Function

Support real-time monitoring of environmental information such as temeprature, humidity and smoke

Remote Control

Support the remote relay to switch the on/off of the device

Other Functions

Point-by-Point Calibration


Loop Backup


Shaped Screen

Support shaped screens through any offset of data sets.

Support various shaped displays such as spherical screens, diamond-shaped screens, cubic screens, and irregular-shaped screens.


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